How to deal with the new jeans that are too tight? What’s wrong with consumers when they buy jeans?

the new jeans that they buy are too tight and inconvenient to put on and take off. Can they be lighter? The answer is yes. Let’s share the small way to loosen jeans. Let’s have a look!

1 First, wash the jeans, and then soak them in water containing fabric softener for 1-2 hours, the fabric will soften. After drying, put it on your body and squat down for several times, the pants will become loose (applicable to jeans without special treatment).

2. After washing the trousers with warm water, when drying, hold the trousers open with a large hanger, and the trousers will become larger.

3, get to the laundry let them use special fluffy reagent can also achieve good results, will not walk, and texture is more soft and loose.

4, if it is white jeans, you can use 84 disinfection vacuole for a period of time. If it’s colored, it can be blown off with an electric hair dryer. The function is to let elastic fiber aging. After these two methods are done, they are irrecoverable!

5, often squat when wearing, can also make pants loose. Make sure the pants are not elastic. The more elastic they are, the easier it is to loosen them. On the contrary, if the elasticity is relatively small, or even no elasticity, the range of easing will not be very large.

How to choose the color of jeans

before the organization and color of jeans are very single, in color also become rich. However, indigo and blue black are mainly used. The main reason is that the effect of blue washing water is the most popular and can stand the test of time. Those variegated jeans have been popular for some time, but they all blow away like a gust of wind, so for most consumers, it’s a bit of a fuss to make too much fuss about the color of jeans. Indigo is a non solid color, and the more you wash it, the more beautiful it will be. So it is also the eternal beautiful color of jeans. How to distinguish the thickness of denim fabric?

jeans can be worn all year round, so how to distinguish different types of denim: first, according to the thickness of denim, it is divided into 4.5 A, 6 A, 8 A, 10 A, 11 A, 12 A, 13.5 a, 14.5 a, etc. the weight of

cloth is related to the yarn count and fabric warp and weft density. The thicker the yarn is, the thicker the cloth is, and the heavier its weight is. Generally can be divided into light, medium and heavy three categories. The weight of light cloth is 200-340 g / m2 (6-10 oz / yd2), medium cloth is 340-450 g / m2 (10-13 oz / yd2), and heavy cloth is more than 450 g (13 oz / yd2).

What are the concepts of ounces, yards and inches?

ounces, generally referred to as Oz in the textile industry, its conversion is 1 ounces equal to 28.375 grams, but in the weighing machine is generally 28.35 grams.

1 yards = 0.9144m. 1 inch = 2.54 cm. The length of denim fabric is usually calculated in yards. People usually say how many yards is the roll? How much is your fabric per yard? The size of jeans is usually measured in inches. For example, the hip circumference of size 27 is 91cm. Size 28 is one inch larger than size 27, and size 26 is one inch smaller than size 27. Some consumers think that their hip circumference is 2’8 in metric system, and the size of jeans is 28, which is not accurate.

What are the misunderstandings of general consumers when they buy jeans?

because ordinary consumers can’t identify the fabric, pattern and washing quality, they usually take it for granted that everything is centered on style and price. In fact, it’s meaningless to talk about style without the pattern, fabric texture and processing quality, which is also a big consumption misunderstanding. When choosing jeans, you should only consider choosing your favorite style on the premise that there are no big problems in the pattern, fabric and processing. Many classic jeans, including jeans of world-famous brands, are extremely simple in style. Even many ordinary consumers think that they are ugly and not fashionable. However, because they do well in the internal quality of pattern, fabric and processing, even if the style is very simple, their high-end noble temperament can be reflected. On the contrary, many jeans without inherent quality, although the style imitates very well, they are not high-grade products in any way, and the quality is even worse after washing several times. In addition, consumers don’t pay much attention to the cost performance of products, excessively pursue cheap garbage products or superstitiously believe in some foreign brands with high price but poor quality, which is also a very immature performance.

basic washing method

a, dark jeans before the first water with white vinegar + water (white vinegar: water, 1:20) or soak in salt water for about 20 ~ 30 minutes can keep the primary color.

b, dark and light wash separately: mixed together will cause color mutual dyeing.

c. Do not use bleach. Use the detergent without enzyme to wash the jeans, because the detergent with enzyme can bleach the jeans and affect the color of the jeans.

d, avoid direct sunlight exposure: direct sunlight exposure will cause serious oxidation discoloration phenomenon.

e, drying in a ventilated place: no ventilation will make pants not easy to dry and will produce odor.

f, wash on the reverse side and sun on the reverse side as far as possible.

g, hand wash jeans, try not to use washing machine and brush, this can effectively maintain the primary color of jeans.

Basic maintenance method

a, dark pure cotton jeans wear about 3 ~ 5 times or wash once a week.

b, light color: white, khaki, camel… Depending on the situation.

c, the secret of new primary color (dark blue) jeans to produce second-hand or very old natural fading effect with personal style & hellip& hellip;

finally, there are some tips: for unwashed primary color jeans, you can wear them when they are dry or not after the first wash, which can produce lines more quickly; For the de starched jeans, you can simply use some raw powder, add water and spray it on the surface of the jeans to make them hard again.

before washing jeans in the washing machine, it’s better to pull them well to avoid deformation and make them more difficult to wear.

Prevent fading

newly bought jeans can be soaked in strong salt water (salt water only needs to taste salty). After a whole day, they can be rubbed by hand instead of machine washed. Usually in the washing, if you can turn the inside out and then wash and dry, fold the jeans and put them into the laundry bag (or use hand washing), please use dishwashing detergent (because the general washing powder can remove the oil stains in order to have the effect of whiteness)

jeans or other dyed new clothes contain a layer of glue (the smell of new clothes), which can make the clothes soft and fix the color to prevent fading.

for jeans that are not too dirty, use detergent to wash them. Try not to use washing powder. Generally, washing powder contains a certain proportion of bleaching powder, which is easy to fade jeans. In addition, please wash the jeans inside out, which can effectively prolong its life.

maintenance method is: do not wash with water, worn jeans should be wrapped, put into the refrigerator frozen sterilization, and then you can continue to wear.

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