How to deal with the yellowing of white clothes?

white shirts, white shirts, white skirts and other white clothes are easy to match, and they are also beautiful to wear, but white clothes are easy to turn yellow. So, how to deal with the yellowing of white clothes? Now, let’s learn how to solve the problem of yellowing white clothes with you!

solution to yellowing of white clothes


Put the orange peel into the pot and add water to boil it. Soak the yellowing clothes in it and rub them to make the clothes white again. It won’t have side effects on the skin like the fluorescent whitening agents on the market, It doesn’t hurt the material.

and sweat, because the fat containing sweat coagulates in the cloth fiber, you can only ask a chemical helper. When washing, add about 2 tbsp of ammonia, soak for a few minutes, scrub, and then wash with clean water. According to the general washing procedure, you can remove or lighten the yellow sweat.

sometimes white clothes or light colored clothes will turn yellow over time. The main reason for the yellowing of white clothes is the oil secreted by human body. If it is not washed clean, the clothes will turn yellow in a large area. For this phenomenon, there are also ways to solve, the yellowing clothes in the sun hanging exposure, but before, should be in the yellowing place drop fresh lemon juice, and then put some salt and gently rub, after the sun according to the general way of washing clothes can!

due to the hot and humid weather, washed clothes are easy to grow mildew. It is suggested that the clothes polluted by mildew should be soaked in high concentration soapy water, and then taken out with soapy water, put them in the sun for a while, dry them repeatedly for several times, and then rinse them with clean water after the mildew is removed.

white clothes & lt; Four moves & quot; Maintenance method

1. Clean it like this” />

For modern people, it’s not necessary to wash clothes every day, but as long as you wear white clothes, you must remember to wash them on the same day, because of the sweat stains on your body and the dirt in the air, Will adhere to the above, over time, the dirt will adhere to the above, become very difficult to clean. If you use the washing machine to wash, remember to turn the clothes over to the opposite side and put on the laundry bag, so that they will not deform. At the same time, avoid clothes of other colors. Even for light color clothes, white clothes will inevitably be stained with other colors. If you wash by hand, you should avoid rubbing too hard, which will cause deformation or pilling. Careful people can also use special detergent for white clothes, which can maintain the whiteness of white clothes.

mainly adopts simple design to increase flexibility. The design is simple and exquisite. Pure white reflects a kind of fresh and delicate beauty. The simple letter printing on the chest is full of street style.

pure white gives people a simple, hollow lace design, crescent hollow from front to back to perform another wonderful. Lazy loose version, skin friendly cotton, classic round neck design, comfortable and soft to wear.

2, how to do with dirt


What white clothes are most afraid of is getting something, whether it’s food sauce, or ballpoint pen ink and so on. Don’t worry too much when you encounter these situations. If you get food sauce, smear the dirty place with dishwashing detergent as soon as possible, and then brush the dirt slightly with a brush, so that the dishwashing detergent can penetrate into the fabric fiber to dissolve the oil stain, and finally put it into the washing machine to clean. If you get ink and handwriting, you can wipe it with medicinal alcohol first. When you get the juice, you can dry it with other cloth or toilet paper, put the white vinegar on the stain, wait for a period of time, and then put it into the washing machine for cleaning. Baking soda is good for newly dyed vegetable dyes, but it’s good for & lt; Old scars & quot; It didn’t work.

loose hooded sweater is full of youthful vitality and versatile, which is a fashionable and beautiful piece. Select high quality fabric, simple printing increases the sense of detail, suitable for any body to wear.

fabric is Satin Chiffon, breathable and comfortable, delicate skin, cuff design will not feel a sense of restraint, wearing very comfortable, with a bit of languid shoulder long sleeves, chic cross neckline, with fashion style.

3, how to remove yellow to keep white

white clothes will inevitably turn yellow if you don’t wear them for a long time. The effect of pure blue ink or salt is general. The simplest and most effective way is to soak them in white vinegar. The effect of removing yellow is magical. If you don’t like the acid residue, you can add lemon juice or baking soda to warm water, soak the clothes for one night, and then wash them in the washing machine. The laziest is to use bleach, because it has a very strong oxidation properties, can be colored material oxidation into colorless material. However, not all clothes can be bleached. Cotton can be bleached, but silk, fur and nylon can’t be bleached. Moreover, it is highly corrosive, and the rinsing time should be strictly controlled within 6 hours. Many high-end clothes should not be used, especially those that hurt the clothes and smell uncomfortable. When drying, don’t expose to the sun for a long time. It’s easy to turn yellow. When drying, first flatten the folds above, and then turn to the opposite side to dry. It’s best to dry in the shade.

Bow Tie Shirt, once the wave point elements appear again in clothing, increase women’s charm and self-confidence, with the role of modifying the neck line, highlighting the quality of clothing, single breasted placket design, single breasted placket design, make the arm stretch freely, crescent hollow, from front to back, perform another wonderful, full of personality and fashion.

retro twist texture sweater exudes the flavor of retro nature. The simple and classic round neck design integrates the knitting inlay into it. The vertical pit bar design can extend the line of sight ratio and break the silence of monochrome.

4. Store


Before storing white clothes, you must remember to dry the clothes and keep the wardrobe dry. Once the white clothes are damp, they are easy to turn yellow, When storing, a layer of towel can be laid on the bottom of the drawer or box to prevent dirt and moisture. When hanging clothes, extend the hanger from the bottom to reduce the chance of loose neckline. When storing, if it is folded and put into the storage cabinet, remember to avoid plastic or carton storage boxes, which are easy to make the clothes yellow. In fact, the simplest way to store white clothes is to hang them on a hanger and put them in the closet. However, avoid too close to the board inside the closet to avoid the dyeing caused by friction. If it is more expensive white clothes, put a layer of cotton or yarn cover on the outside.

uses the light chiffon fabric, combined with the semi perspective texture, highlights the classical elegant feeling, rendering a few aesthetic breath, showing the elegant and generous charm, full of classical temperament, exquisite and aesthetic, sweet and gentle, water transportation with self-cultivation cutting, showing a full sense of retro, perfect combination.

is a simple medium length and fashionable suit collar, with a light retro cold taste, full of fresh and artistic female charm. Under it is a high waist buttock skirt. The whole body is exquisitely tailored, and high-quality fabrics are selected to increase the overall level of the clothes. Even every step is very charming, so that the overall look will not feel monotonous.

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