How to distinguish between cold and hot food?

people have different constitutions, and their food also has its own attributes. According to their own constitutions, eating suitable food can help the body.

if cold food can reduce the body’s physical function, so people with weak cold constitution and fear of cold should avoid or eat less. Warm food can improve physical function, but it is easy to get angry, so people with dry and hot constitution should avoid eating.

How to distinguish between cold and hot food?

how to distinguish the cold and hot from the color, taste and growing environment of food? The arrangement is as follows:

according to the color attribute:

, the color is greenish and the nature is colder: green plants are colder because they are close to the ground and absorb the moisture of the ground, such as mung beans and green vegetables.

red, warm: pepper, jujube, pomegranate and other red plants, although close to the ground growth, but because its fruit can absorb more sunlight, so hot.

according to the taste attribute:

bitter and sour food: such as bitter gourd, bitter cabbage, taro, plum, papaya, etc.

food heat with sweet and pungent taste: such as garlic, persimmon, pomegranate, etc. due to the longer exposure time to sunlight, it is hot.

according to environmental attributes:

cold aquatic plants: such as lotus root, kelp, laver, etc.

land plants are hot: because they are buried in the soil for a long time and have less water, they are hot, such as peanut, potato, yam, ginger, etc.

food in the back shade is cold: food with the back shade facing north lacks sunshine, and the moisture absorbed is heavy, so they are cold, such as mushroom, fungus, etc.

sunflower plants tend to be hot: food growing in the air or with positive orientation tends to be hot due to sufficient light, such as sunflower, chestnut, etc.

according to the season attribute:

cold food in winter and summer: food growing in winter is cold because of heavy cold, such as Chinese cabbage, mushroom, white radish, wax gourd, etc. In summer, more rain, the growth of food is also cold, such as watermelon, cucumber, pear and so on.

spring and autumn food heat: apple, Liuding and other spring and autumn food are mostly hot.

in summer, you can often eat cool food, warm food to eat less, cold food to eat less, or add pepper, pepper, ginger and other warm food to eat together.

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