How to distinguish the good from the bad of pistachio fruit

as we know, pistachio fruit has a long history, and the ancient Persian king praised it as “immortal fruit”, because pistachio fruit, whether fresh or dried, has the advantage of rich nutrition, and it is often a kind of food rich in protein. It’s also rich in 15 to 18 percent sugar. And chewing gum nuts contain vitamin E and other ingredients, pistachio good or bad how to distinguish?

choose a good quality pistachio should be yellow, purple, green kernel, large and full particles. Common that kind of too white happy fruit is bleached, harmful to human body, had better eat less. A good pistachio shell has natural luster and its kernel is naturally exposed green. Generally speaking, pistachios with large size taste better and chewier than pistachios with small size. Good pistachio, the crack is the natural expansion of the nut after mature and full, and some artificial opening of the shell of pistachio is small, the quality is inferior.

1. Choose

. The hard skin on the outside of the pistachio is the peel, and the inside is the kernel. After baking, the kernel gives off fragrance, that is, the part we eat. The more we chew, the stronger the fragrance and the endless aftertaste. It is because pistachio belongs to the shell dry fruit, easy to moisture deterioration, so try to choose sealed packaging, do not buy bulk. Pay attention to choose the products with QS quality and safety logo on the package. It’s better to buy some reliable big brands, such as “Qiaqia” and other famous dry goods brands.

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pistachios are not native to China. Although they are cultivated in Xinjiang and other places, the ones with better quality are still imported. If you choose a well-known place of origin, you will get a good pistachio.

it is worth mentioning that pistachio has anti-aging effect and can strengthen the physique. But it doesn’t mean that people can eat lots of pistachios in their lives. In fact, it’s better to eat slowly. Otherwise eat too much at one time, if constipation is not worth the loss. And drink plenty of water during pistachio.

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