How to distinguish the quality of cosmetics

when buying cosmetics, many people choose to follow the advice of the guide counter. However, many of the guides are just to sell the products smoothly, and they will exaggerate the products. But in fact, 90% of people have bought skin care products without effect. Can’t we just fall into the pit again and again? Today, let’s share some tips for distinguishing the good from the bad of cosmetics.

How to distinguish the good from the bad of cosmetics is determined by the ingredients. The state stipulates that the ingredients of all cosmetics, whether domestic or imported, must be marked on the instructions, Otherwise, it will be forbidden to sell. If the product doesn’t even have a list of ingredients, there’s no need to think about it at all. The ranking in the ingredient list is also mysterious: the higher the ranking, the higher the content of this ingredient in the cosmetic. Water and glycerin are generally located in the front of the list of ingredients, flavors and preservatives (hydroxybenzyl methyl ester / ethyl ester / propyl ester / butyl ester, methyl chloroisothiazolone, phenoxy alcohol, quaternary ammonium salt -15, benzyl alcohol, iodoppropanol, butyl benzoate, imidazolidin, bis (Qiang Jiaji) imidazolidin urea, hydantoin), generally irritating to the skin, so the dosage is small. Usually at the end of the table. It is not recommended to buy skin care products that do not meet this standard.

2. According to the place of origin, many people will confuse the place of origin with the place of production. In fact, it is very simple. The place of origin is actually the place of origin, the original place of origin of cosmetics brand or the original place of origin of goods. Each brand will only have one place of origin. For example, the origin of Estee Lauder is the United States, yayang and France! The place of production refers to the place where the goods are produced, produced or manufactured. Most brands have multiple places of production.

3. According to the national inspection and quarantine mark, the imported cosmetics that have passed the inspection and quarantine and are allowed to be sold and used will have a round Sequin mark on the product package. The mark style is round and the front text is & quot; Inspection and Quarantine of China; Its English abbreviation & quot; CIQ”, Nine digit serial number is added on the back. Without this label, consumers should choose carefully.

4 According to the texture, absorption speed and product reputation, the purer the product without harmful substances, the finer the texture, and the faster the skin absorbs. When smearing, it can feel very smooth and absorb immediately. In addition, reference to other people’s personal experience is also a good reference standard for testing skin care products.

5, smell, good product ingredients are pure, do not need strong spices to suppress the product odor, but some, such as plant Chinese herbal medicine taste is normal. It is worth noting here that products with alcoholic flavor do not necessarily contain alcohol. Other commonly used moisturizing ingredients will have similar flavor to alcohol, such as butanediol.

6, pH test paper test temperature: drop some products on the test paper, if the pH value is less than 7, the test paper is red, it is acidic; More than 7 and blue-green is alkaline. If it is close to pH7 neutral or close to pH5.5, it means that the skin care product is very mild and will not stimulate the skin. But if you want your lotion to have convergence or exfoliation function, pH 4-5 is the best. And oily skin uses alkalescent cleanser, such degreasing power will be stronger.

7. Test the greasiness of skin care products: Method 1: apply a little skin care products on the back of your hand, and then press lightly with oil absorbing paper after 3 to 5 minutes. If you can still absorb a lot of oil, it means that it is not easy to absorb and too greasy. On the contrary, if there is no oil left, it means that maintenance products are easy to absorb and refreshing. Method 2: apply a little on the back of your hand, and turn your hand under the light after 3 to 5 minutes. If you can still see the pan oily light, it means that it is greasy and hard to absorb.

Suggestions on the purchase of cosmetics

first, when purchasing cosmetics online, try to find out the place of origin and domestic agents, such as Maybelline and L’Oreal from Suzhou, as well as the batch number

second I would like to say that the imported cosmetics are mainly designed for the skin of Westerners, which is not suitable for us Orientals. Do not think that the imported cosmetics must be good. Most of the brand cosmetics sold in China are specially designed for oriental people, such as L’Oreal and Avon, which are more suitable for Chinese people.

third, communicate with the seller more, understand the situation of the seller and the goods in many ways, and don’t be confused by the credibility of the business.

fourth, to buy cosmetics, it is mainly to see whether it is suitable for you, rather than let the brand and price influence your purchase.

fifth, use Alipay and other trading tools.

Cosmetics how to distinguish true and false

how to distinguish true and false lotion:

, smell the taste. Good products are pure in ingredients and do not need heavy spices to suppress the odor. 2, if it is latex, take a glass of water, pour the emulsion into the water a little bit, if floating on the water, it proves that the inside contain oil stone ester (this is not recommended for cosmetics now), shake suddenly, the water becomes milky white, proved that contain emulsifier inside, such cosmetics are not good. If it is poured into the water, the emulsion will sink to the bottom and prove that it does not contain oilstone ester. Oilstone ester can damage the skin, causing dry skin and water shortage, because it is the main reason for clogging pores. Over time, pores will become larger and larger. That’s what experts say. How to distinguish true and false essence: for liquid essence, you must pay attention to the essence and color of the essence when you buy it. If you find the phenomenon of turbidity, precipitation or discoloration, such essence can not be used. Consumers with oily skin, acne and other infectious skin must be careful when buying and using essence. Even if they buy, they should choose the essence of anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects.

how to distinguish true and false Foundation:

. Take appropriate amount of water in the water and observe its reaction. Generally, there are three situations: sticking to the edge of the cup, floating on the water, and sinking at the bottom of the cup. These three cases show the composition. Good products don’t stick to the edge of the cup, don’t float and don’t sink to the bottom of the cup. a. What sticks to the edge of the cup is animal oil. b. Floating on the water is mineral oil. c. Heavy metals, lead, mercury, etc. are at the bottom of the cup. How to distinguish true and false make-up: find a silver ornament, put on the cosmetics or make-up, and the silver ornament turns black, which means that there is lead and mercury in the cosmetics.

how to distinguish true and false makeup remover milk:

when choosing, you should first rub some oily foundation or waterproof lipstick. Mascara and other products are put on the back of your hand, then pour down the makeup remover to see if it is easy to blend with make-up products and wipe them off with tissues. Store placed too long make-up milk will be like bean curd or salty soymilk, there are lumps appear. How to distinguish true and false cleanser: 1, there is a faint fragrance, squeeze in the hand should be water melt, no greasy feeling. 2. Burn with fire, put the facial cleanser into the spoon, burn with fire, if splashed oil, it is not a good facial cleanser, if the more you burn, the more like milk, it is a good facial cleanser. 3. Take pH test paper to try to know, directly squeeze it on the test paper, you will know

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