How to distinguish the quality of Ilex Kudingcha

Ilex Kudingcha has the functions of heat clearing and detoxification, anti-inflammatory and convenient. It is the preferred drink for many people in summer. However, when we buy Ilex Kudingcha, it is difficult to distinguish what kind of Ilex Kudingcha is good and what kind of Ilex Kudingcha is bad, How to choose Kuding tea? So next I want to introduce the quality of Kuding tea, how to distinguish the quality of Kuding tea.

the appearance features are easy to identify. When consumers buy Kuding tea, they are too nervous to observe its appearance. The leaves of Ilex Kudingcha are thick and oval, and the leaves are slightly larger than other teas. If the tea is made of new seedling leaves, it will be thick, curly and free from hairiness. Authentic Kuding tea has good radiance, mostly dark green.

after observing these, consumers can also try the feel of tea, grasp a handful of tea, think that there is no particle, powder or other debris in their hands, the middle part of the tea is more, and the well cut tea is good. If it is obvious that there is dust in the hands of tea, probably foreign body sensation, then probably contains other impurities, this kind of tea should not be purchased. When consumers buy tea, they can take appropriate tea to brew. Take 150 ml of boiling water for example, ordinary tea can only be brewed 2-3 times, and then the water will think that the taste is weak. Kudingcha, on the other hand, can be brewed up and down 8-10 times and has a strong aroma.

another characteristic of Kuding tea during brewing is its slow release of taste. In the brewing process of ordinary tea, if you take part in some more, it will be very bitter. However, in the brewing process of Kuding tea, even if you add 2-4 times of tea, it still tastes fresh and mellow, just because it has a slightly strong taste. This is because Kudingcha taste release is slow, consumers can do the above when buying.

Kuding tea selection should pay attention to the method, I said the method can distinguish the quality of Kuding tea, there are many people like to drink Kuding tea, in the choice of not enough knowledge, read this article, I believe you will have a more detailed understanding of the distinction of Kuding tea, in the choice of time will not make a mistake, in leisure time to drink Kuding tea do not have a taste!

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