How to do if the customs lock forgets the password? How to use the customs lock?

How to do if the customs lock forgets the password? How to use the customs lock? How to use

customs lock?

tsa is the abbreviation of U.S. Transportation Security Administration, which means U.S. Transportation Security Administration. TSA lock, known as customs lock, also known as customs lock, also known as TSA certification lock. TSA customs lock means that the customs must ensure the safety of the goods in the process of transportation by carrying out the security test on the luggage and goods under the supervision of the customs. The international customs universal TSA special key

is adopted. Why do we need TSA customs password lock?

since January 2003, TSA has stipulated that all luggage entering US airports must be opened for inspection. Meanwhile, TSA has issued a warning: unless the TSA certified lock is used, the checked luggage must not be locked, or the Customs has the right to pry open and destroy the checked luggage lock;

tsa customs lock how to check?

the customs inspector has a TSA unlocking key in his hand. When opening the luggage for inspection, he should be very careful to ensure safety. After the inspection, he should also lock the luggage again.

tsa password lock how to use?

there are two ways to open the TSA customs lock: one is the key provided with the lock itself or the password set by the consumer himself, the other is the key specially used by the customs. The Customs has a TSA unlocking key in hand (the corresponding key number is indicated on the bottom of the TSA lock); Customs mark of

tsa lock:

there must be a red diamond sign on both sides of the lock. As long as the customs see that sign, they know that they need to take the key to unlock the lock (the corresponding key number is indicated on the bottom of the lock), and they will not pry it open or damage it;

customs lock forgotten password how to do?

when we are on a business trip, we will remember the password of the trolley case very clearly. However, at the end of our business trip or when the trolley case has been put on hold for a long time, when we have to go on a business trip to use it again, we can’t remember the password of the customs lock clearly. We have tried several times vaguely and the impression in our mind is wrong. This situation is really maddening. At this point, what should we do?

open the trunk code lock according to the formula

first shine a strong flashlight on a gear of the code lock, and then slowly move the gear. According to & lt; Chen Qiaoqiao & quot; At this time, we should observe carefully. We will find that when we turn to a certain position, there will be a gap under the gear, and the gap will generally move to the left. Sure enough, when turning to the number 6, there was a small gap under the gear. The second and third gear numbers are & lt; 6”。

to do this step, more than half of the success, next to remember a formula. According to netizens, the number corresponding to the gap is not a password. It needs to be based on these numbers; Add 3& ldquo; Add 8 & quot; Or & lt; Minus 5 & quot;, There are three common rules to keep single digits when two digits appear. The reporter tried to figure out the number of the trunk gap; 6”、& ldquo; 6”、& ldquo; 6”, Respectively & lt; Add 3;, Get & quot; 9”、& ldquo; 9”、& ldquo; 9”, Press & lt; Push” Key, the password lock was successfully opened.

of course, there are some special suitcases, which are not unlocked according to this formula. At this time, we have to be patient and try it slowly. We just need to add the 10 numbers of 0-9 once, but we can’t do it. If we subtract them again, we can turn them on 20 times at most. In fact, the effect of adding and subtracting the number from the notch under the gear is the same, so you can do it 10 times at most, which is much faster than trying like a headless fly.

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