How to do if the iron pot is rusty

many people like to use the iron pot for cooking. With the iron pot, they can supplement the iron element in their daily diet. They don’t need to supplement it. It’s good for the body, but the iron pot also has disadvantages, that is, it’s easy to rust, which leads to careful cleaning before cooking every time, otherwise it will affect the taste of the dishes because of the rust flavor. In order to make dishes with good taste and supplement iron, it’s the best choice to find out how to do with the rust of the iron pot.

in the face of such a problem, housewives are a headache. There are many advantages of using the iron pot, but they are not willing to give it up. It’s troublesome to use the iron pot every time. This makes people’s psychology very contradictory, if there is a good way to remove rust.

next to introduce some methods:

vinegar method; Vinegar can remove rust. It works. Heat up the pan and turn off the heat.? Use a rag, dip in some vinegar and wipe the rust directly. General rust will immediately fall down

lard method; Lard is rich in fat, do not be afraid of rust. Fat pork in the pot, do not put oil.

wait until the oil in the pork boils out, continue. Coat the inside of the pan with lard.

rice washing water; The decontamination effect of rice washing water is very strong. Soak in thick rice washing water for about 2-3 hours.

boil the rice washing water and rub it with iron rag bit by bit during the process. After rubbing the pot, wait for the rice water to boil. The rice washing water is boiling, drying and pouring. Rinse with clean water.

steel ball; All the stolen goods like steel balls can be removed. Rub the rust off slowly with steel wire and clean it.

heat the pan with a small amount of oil. Slowly turn the spoon so that the oil covers all parts of the pan. Heating to smoke, repeated several times, it is not easy to rust.

sandpaper or grindstone; Using them to remove rust is fast and thorough.

use sandpaper or grindstone to remove rust. Rinse with clean water.

the above describes how to do rust pot, hope to help you, there are many tips in life, need to slowly summarize, carefully ponder. Be a careful person in life, so you will take less detours and more shortcuts. In the face of iron pot rust problem, don’t worry, come up with the recommended method, you can do better. These methods are relatively simple, and do not need to invest too much, as long as careful to do it.

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