How to do more than hiccup? Drink cold water to stop belching

How to do more than hiccup? Drink cold water to stop hiccups

how to do more than hiccups?

I believe everyone will encounter hiccups. Hiccups are caused by overeating, eating too fast and being stimulated by cold. Although burping is not a serious disease, it’s hard to stop. It’s really not easy. Why do you burp? How to stop hiccups?

first, let’s understand the causes of hiccups: according to traditional Chinese medicine, hiccups are mainly caused by improper diet and deficiency of vital energy, which leads to stomach qi upward inversion, diaphragmatic spasm and stomach spasm, resulting in hiccups. Therefore, to alleviate the symptoms, it is necessary to dredge the stomach qi and let the stomach qi go down.

drink cold water to stop hiccups

drink cold water to treat hiccups? The best way is to have a try. This method mainly depends on the air conditioner.

pressing Tiantu acupoint to stop hiccups

cold water is not readily available, so you might as well try the hiccups acupoint on your body & mdash& mdash; Tiantu cave. This point is located in the middle of the upper part of the sternal fossa, that is, the lower part of our throat, where there is a depression between the two clavicles. You can touch it at once. Tiantu point is equivalent to the channel between the lung and nature, from which the clear Qi enters the lung and the turbid Qi exhales. Therefore, pressing Tiantu acupoint can induce Qi and relieve and inhibit burping.

so, how to massage this acupoint? Press the acupoints with your fingers and hold for 2 & mdash; Three minutes. When massaging, the acupoints will produce a sense of acid swelling, so the strength is OK.

small method of pressing eyeball to stop belching

in addition to massage acupoints, you can press eyeball. If you are burping just because of diet or cold stimulation, and you are worried that you can’t find a good acupoint, you can close your eyes, press the eyeballs with two fingers of both hands, and hold for about 1 minute.

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