How to do toilet blocked by paper? Toilet clogging tips

What if the toilet is blocked by paper? Toilet clogging tips

toilet clogging is a problem that everyone will encounter in daily life. This paper sorts out 13 tips to solve the problem of toilet clogging, which is convenient for reference. Prepare a Chuai at home. Once the toilet is blocked, it’s easy to use. It’s bad for air pressure, and the effect is very good.

there are many kinds of toilet blockage problems:

1, blocked by soft objects (such as hair, towel & hellip& hellip;)

2, water, sewage and mud are blocked.

3, there may be oil (some people like to pour leftovers into the toilet, which is easy to produce oil in it.

toilet clogging tips :

toilet clogging Tips 1: in fact, you can find a half inch wide bamboo stick into the toilet to dredge can solve the problem.

toilet clogging tips 2: many times the toilet flush more water, they will pass, especially if the soil, paper and other soluble or breakable items. If it is greasy, then wash a basin of boiling water to melt it.

toilet clogging tips 3: buy some caustic soda, boil water to melt caustic soda, pour into the toilet. Everything will be through in ten minutes.

toilet clogging Tips 4: find property, they have the responsibility and obligation to help you.

toilet clogging tips 5: buy a chuizi, their hands out.

toilet clogging tips 6: use an appropriate amount of oxalic acid (usually oxalic acid can also be used to clean the toilet, just and urine alkali neutralization to make the toilet smooth).

toilet clogging tips 7: you can buy a loach into the squatting pan, with warm water into the toilet, loach encounter heat will try to drill down, to achieve the purpose of toilet. If there is nothing hard, I think it will work´╝ł But this method is a bit cruel, should take care of animals)

toilet clogging tips 8: that kind of old-fashioned mop, fill half of the toilet with water, and then use the mop to press hard into the hole a few times, move quickly, rely on pressure to get it through.

toilet clogging tips 9: you into the half of the water, with a round mop or soft brush with a round head at the hole in the sewer ~ pound hard.

toilet clogging tips 10: use a relatively long soft airway to plug in, ventilate to the inside, and then flush; I tried, and it worked.

toilet clogging tips 11: first prepare an air cylinder, wrap rags on it, and then pour some water in to start pumping. It will be OK after a while.

toilet clogging tips 12: I’ve also encountered a terrible thing, you go to the grocery store to buy a simple toilet, plastic only 2 yuan, to the squatting pan filled with water, and then use the toilet suction basin to the squatting pan mouth pumping several times, is to use its air pressure to pass.

toilet clogging tips 13: if you are not willing to solve it, or the above methods have been tested, but it still doesn’t work, then it’s the easiest to find a professional to dredge the pipe.

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