How to do when your hand is stuck by 502 glue

how to do when your hand is stuck by 502 glue, But some of the more flexible often do not have long-term effect, that is to say, at the beginning of the adhesion is very good, after a period of time to open the glue. Take advantage of this feature, when your two fingers are stuck together, rub the glue between the two fingers. The method of rubbing is actually very casual, mainly to make the glue loose. Rub for a while and try to see if you can separate the two fingers. If you can’t, continue to rub, and the problem can be solved within half an hour.

2, with blister:

this method is relatively simple, that is, when the glue has just dropped on the hand is not dry, quickly put your fingers into cold water, soak for a few minutes, you can see that the glue has become a solid, you can easily buckle the glue off the hand. If the glue is dry on your hand, then you can’t use water any more, so timing must be better.

3, natural fall off method:

if your hand is stuck with a piece of paper or other small things, don’t worry, if it doesn’t interfere with your daily life, you let the glue stay in your hand for one day, generally within two days can automatically fall off, this method is to wait, don’t worry.

4, dissolution method:

can not completely dissolve 502, can only slightly soften, for example, insulating oil can play a softening role, soften quickly rub off. Some people say that acetone is highly toxic and should not be used easily. If you don’t have insulating oil, you can use gasoline, but you can’t. You can only use edible oil.

5, use insulating oil:

pour insulating oil in transformer with cover, and then apply it on the glue part, the cured 502 glue will soon become soft, and then it can be rubbed off.

502 ways to prevent 502 sticking hands:

, if your work is often used 502, in order to prevent glue stick to your hands, smear flour or powdery powder in your hands ahead of time, or simply rub some dirt on the floor, glue drops into your hands and stick to the powder material on your hands. The best way is to put some hand cream on your hands in advance.

2, wear cotton gloves: gloves can prevent glue from dripping on your hands, but not all gloves can play a protective role. If the gloves are rubber or plastic, glue will melt the gloves, release heat, and may scald your hands. So use cotton gloves.

3, wet fingers: another relatively simple method is to sprinkle some water on the hand, the glue will quickly become solid when it meets with water, and it can’t touch your skin at all, so it can’t stick to the hand.

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