How to do with heavy breath? Seven kinds of food can refresh your breath

How to do with heavy breath? Seven kinds of food can give you fresh breath

how to do with heavy breath? Seven kinds of food can make your breath fresh. Lemon:

1. It is sour and slightly bitter. It has the effect of producing body fluid, relieving thirst and dispelling heat. Can be in a cup of boiling water, add some mint, while adding some fresh lemon juice to drink, can go bad breath.

2, tea:

, bitter in nature and cold in taste. It has the functions of relieving thirst, clearing spirit, eliminating food and getting rid of boredom and greasiness. Gargling with strong tea or chewing tea can get rid of bad breath. After eating garlic, mutton and other food, the bad breath, with a pinch of tea, divided into the mouth, chew slowly, until the saliva liquefaction solution tea slowly swallow, the effect is quite good.

3, kumquat:

, pungent in nature, sweet in taste, with the effect of regulating qi, relieving depression, resolving phlegm and sobering up. Fresh kumquat 5 & mdash is good for halitosis with chest tightness; Wash and chew 6 pieces. This prescription has the effect of aromatizing, unblocking orifices, smoothing Qi and strengthening spleen.

4, grapefruit:

, sour, cold taste, can treat less sodium, light mouth, to stomach odor, detoxification, eliminate the peculiar smell in the mouth after drinking, have Xiaoshi Jianpi, aromatic deodorant effect. Take fresh grapefruit, peel and eat meat, chew carefully.

5, honey:

, honey 1 spoonful, warm water 1 small cup, drink every morning on an empty stomach. Honey has the effect of moistening the intestines, dredging the Fu organs, removing the decay, and is quite effective for halitosis caused by constipation.

6, milk:

bad breath after eating garlic, drink a glass of milk, garlic odor can be eliminated.

7, hawthorn:

, acid, slightly sweet and smooth taste, with the effect of dispersing blood stasis, removing accumulation, clearing stomach, removing sour and smelly mouth. Take 30 hawthorn, simmer yellow, soup, add a small amount of rock sugar, 1 small bowl each time.

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