How to drink honey to protect liver and kidney

, how to drink honey to protect liver and kidney, here is a detailed introduction. Honey water is a drink made from honey. Honey is a yellow and white sticky liquid which is naturally fermented from nectar collected by bees. Honey is known as “the most perfect nutritious food in nature”. Ancient Greeks regarded honey as “a gift from heaven”. China has been keeping bees and collecting honey since ancient times. Honey is not only a good medicine, but also a top-grade drink, which can prolong life. It has the effects of nourishing, moistening dryness, detoxifying, whitening and nourishing, moistening intestines and defecating. It has a good therapeutic effect on children’s cough.

the effect of honey water

honey in the mouth, can treat pharyngitis, to work tired, stay up late after the fire rise has a wonderful effect.

liver protection: Honey liver protection, every morning fasting and every night before going to bed.

kidney tonifying: use 5 walnuts and 2 spoonfuls of honey to boil walnuts in water for 15 minutes. Add honey to kidney tonifying and brain tonifying; Or oil will be fried walnut yellow, and then add eggs, and then add honey, can also achieve the same effect.

is mixed into various drinks and foods, with elegant aroma and sweet taste, but the temperature should not exceed 60 ℃.

after drinking, taking concentrated honey can accelerate the decomposition of alcohol, eliminate the headache after drinking, and reduce the damage of alcohol to liver.

apply honey on lips to prevent mouth rot; Using honey to make facial mask can make the skin delicate, clean and elastic.

honey instead of sugar to burn, roast dishes, flavor, color and nutrition are good, especially when roast chicken, roast duck with jujube nectar, its color golden, unique flavor, might as well try.

take honey half an hour before meals, can stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, so suffering from atrophic gastritis (lack of gastric acid), should be taken before meals; On the contrary, taking honey two to three hours after meals can inhibit the secretion of gastric acid, suffering from hypertrophic gastritis (excessive gastric acid), should be taken after meals.

treatment of anemia: regular consumption of honey can increase the content of hemoglobin in the blood. It is recommended to eat 100 grams of honey every day, not to eat other sugars. Some of them should be eaten on an empty stomach and every other hour.

prevention of arteriosclerosis: honey can prevent and delay arteriosclerosis. Honey should be consumed for at least 15 days every three months.

improve sleep: honey is a good medicine to help sleep, because it is a sedative that can act on the whole body. Before going to bed, you can take a spoonful of honey, add a little Linden flower, honey flower, passionflower, valerian (you can take one, you can also mix), and use 35 ℃ warm water to make it into a good cup of sleeping and tranquilizing honey tea.

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