How to drink porridge to keep healthy?

How to drink porridge to keep healthy?

how to drink porridge to keep healthy?

Chinese people can’t live without it in their daily diet; Congee & quot;. Congee is called “congee” in ancient times; Mi & quot;, Also known as & lt; Porridge& ldquo; Rice with water;, It refers to semi liquid food cooked with cereals as main raw materials and water.

porridge has a long history, because it is easy to digest and absorb, beneficial to the intestines and stomach; It’s light and delicious, and it’s the best appetizer for people who are tired of meat and fishy food.

there are many kinds of porridge. From the raw materials, there are grains, birds, fruits, vegetables and other porridge; From the edible point of view, there are vegetable porridge, meat porridge and medicinal porridge. Congee has always been valued by health practitioners, and even has its own system, which has formed a unique “congee” in China; Porridge culture;.

elderly people’s spleen and stomach function is weak, digestive capacity is reduced, coupled with loose teeth, chewing weakness, oral salivary amylase secretion is reduced, affecting food digestion and absorption. Porridge is not only soft and palatable, easy to digest and absorb, but also has the effect of invigorating the spleen and stomach, generating body fluid and moistening dryness, which is beneficial for the elderly. According to the ancients, porridge is the first tonic in the world. Zhang Lei, a scholar of the Northern Song Dynasty, said in his porridge record: & lt; Every day, eat a large bowl of porridge, empty stomach, grain gas will make, the supplement is not fine, but also very soft and greasy, and stomach phase, the most diet recipe is also& rdquo;

modern research has confirmed that starch can be converted into dextrin in rice porridge, and macromolecular components can be decomposed into small molecular components which are easy to digest and absorb in the slow cooking process. Porridge contains a variety of enzymes, can help digestion. Porridge can not only supplement water, avoid blood viscosity, but also easily produce a sense of satiety, which is conducive to weight loss.

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