How to drink Soybean Milk most beneficial to health?

How to drink Soybean Milk most beneficial to health?

how to drink Soybean milk is the most healthy?

hot soybean milk fresh drink

try to buy hot soybean milk, on-site consumption. For convenience and taste, young people and working-class groups often buy iced products in cups or bags. This kind of soymilk is often used up the day before. Generally, unlike factories, soybean milk shops have suitable refrigeration equipment and space (such as cold storage), which can store large volume of liquid soybean milk. Therefore, it is quite easy to preserve perishable soybean milk with preservatives. If you really want to drink iced soybean milk, you should bring your own heat-resistant container, buy back your residence, pack it separately, and store it in ice in time.

to buy well-known products, although it can not fully guarantee that all businesses comply with food hygiene laws and regulations, but after all, the market is large, the products should be fresh, and businesses are more concerned about goodwill.

sugar free, salty soymilk to maintain good taste

1 cup of sweet soymilk contains about 7 grams of protein, compared with a cup of fresh milk, the difference is almost the same, fat content is about 4 grams, equivalent to a cup of low-fat fresh milk, but it is the true vegetable fat. It is worth noting that a cup of sweet soybean milk contains nearly 30 grams of carbohydrate. Many people have this experience, in the case of not eating other food, drink a cup of fresh milk can maintain a morning without hunger, but if you drink a cup of sweet soybean milk, you may feel hungry in 1-2 hours, this is mainly because the high sugar in soybean milk stimulates the rise of blood sugar, starts the rapid secretion of insulin in the body, and then makes the blood sugar drop rapidly, so you are hungry. For those who are fat or hungry, or those with unstable blood sugar, it is best to practise drinking soybean milk, or try adding low sugar sweeteners, or salty soybean milk or reduce the sugar to an acceptable minimum, in order to reduce &ldquo. Insulin effect;. Soybean milk soybean milk soybean milk soybean milk


avoid drinking uncooked soybean milk

many people love to buy raw soybeans to go home to heat themselves. When heating, they see that the bubble upsurge is mistaken for boiling. In fact, this is the phenomenon of the organic matter of soya bean milk which is heated and expanded to form bubbles, which is not boiling, but is not ripe.

unripe soybean milk is harmful to human body. Because soybean milk contains two toxic substances, it will lead to protein metabolism disorders, and stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, causing poisoning symptoms. The way to prevent soybean milk poisoning is to boil the soybean milk at 100 ℃ for safe drinking. If you have headache, respiratory obstruction and other symptoms after drinking soybean milk, you should see a doctor immediately, and never delay the time to prevent life-threatening.

do not pack thermos

soybean milk contains substances that can remove the scale in thermos. Under suitable temperature conditions, with soybean milk as nutrient, the bacteria in the bottle will multiply in large quantities, and the soybean milk will be rancid after 3-4 hours.

brown sugar should not be washed.

adding brown sugar to soybean milk tastes sweet and fragrant. However, the organic acids in brown sugar can combine with protein in soybean milk to produce denatured sediment, which greatly destroys the nutritional components.

don’t beat eggs in soybean milk

many people like to beat eggs in soybean milk and think it is more nutritious, but this method is unscientific, because the mucinous protein in eggs is easy to combine with trypsin in soybean milk to produce a substance that can’t be absorbed by human body, which greatly reduces the absorption of nutrition by human body.

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