How to drink water after exercise?

how to drink water after exercise is also a topic that many of us must understand. Improper drinking water after exercise will also bring us great distress. Many people have it or not. It is only when we attach great importance to these contents that our physical quality is getting worse and worse, Many matters needing attention in life should be highly valued. Let’s learn how to drink water after exercise.

after the exercise, how to drink water, seemingly simple problem, but the fact is very particular. Drinking water blindly after exercise will not only make you suffer from chronic gastritis, chronic enteritis and other annoying diseases, but also make your immunity decline rapidly. Therefore, Professor of science and education of traditional Chinese medicine, Shaanxi Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, MI liehan, reminded athletes to pay attention to drinking water. First of all, don’t choose iced drinks after strenuous exercise. Millehan pointed out that because people’s blood vessels are in an excited state after exercise, if they drink iced drinks, it is easy to cause gastrointestinal disorders, which will cause diarrhea. If they drink for a long time, it will damage the metabolic function of the body, and the gastrointestinal function and power will also decline. There may also be symptoms such as gastrointestinal dysfunction and indigestion. Secondly, after exercise, when you choose to drink normal temperature water, you should balance time, water volume and temperature, otherwise it will be bad for the body to absorb.

after exercise, don’t drink all the water in one breath, because just after exercise, the heart beats fast and breathes fast. After drinking a lot of water, the load of the heart will increase, which will affect the respiratory function. On the contrary, it is not easy to quench thirst and is not conducive to absorption. If it is 500 ml of water, the best choice is to drink it slowly within 40 minutes, which is conducive to gastrointestinal absorption, otherwise it will bring burden to the stomach and cause disease. Third, if you don’t want to choose regular warm water after exercise, you can also choose some cool fruit juice that can reduce the accumulation of heat in your body. For example, watermelon, hawthorn, pear, bamboo and other fruit juice after drinking, these fruits not only contain a variety of vitamins and trace elements, but also can quench thirst, diuresis, heat dissipation and appetizer, and taste good. But according to the individual’s situation, for people with poor gastrointestinal function or gastritis, it is best to drink warm water.

the problem of how to drink water after exercise must attract everyone’s attention. We must not cause great harm to our body because of these small problems. At the same time, we must not pay attention to some strenuous exercise in the process of exercise, and do not bring potential risks to our body, which can help us keep healthy all the time.

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