How to drink water to be able to have detoxification effect?

How to drink water to be able to have detoxification effect?

how can drinking water play a role in detoxification?

1, the preparation work of drinking salt water to clear the intestines and detoxify, At the same time, prepare for the next day’s bowel cleansing and detoxification work. Prepare a large pot to start with. That is to say, make sure there are five or six bottles of mineral water as much hot water. Then take two spoons of salt with a spoon and put it in the kettle. Stir it evenly and prepare for the next day’s bowel cleansing and detoxification. Don’t go to bed too late. Set the alarm clock and set the time, I got up at five fifty the next day.

2. The process of clearing intestines and detoxifying by drinking salt water

. Get up at 5:50 the next day, drink a cup of warm water after getting up, and then prepare a large pot of boiling water to mix with salt water. When you wear clothes, you must ensure that your clothes are loose. You may drink more water in summer, which is especially conducive to the effect of clearing intestines and detoxifying.

everything is ready. Six in the morning is the best time to clear the intestines and detoxify. At this time, you can mix the boiled water just boiled with some salt water prepared yesterday and drink a large glass of water. The amount of this glass of water is as much as a bottle of mineral water, which is about 600 ml. Make sure that the salt water is warm. The best taste is similar to the slightly salty vegetable soup. When you drink water, you must pay attention to your drinking skills. Don’t drink small mouthfuls. That may make the water absorbed by the body and enter the blood circulation, which is not conducive to clearing intestines and expelling toxins. If you want to clear intestines and expel toxins, you’d better choose big mouthfuls, As far as possible to ensure that the time period of drinking water, drinking water fast, so that you can make a lot of water into the stomach, can play a very good effect of bowel detoxification.

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