How to dry and preserve mushrooms?

our nature always provides us with a variety of delicious food, especially the fungus food growing in the wild, which makes us taste the delicious food in the world, and at the same time provides us with a lot of nutrition. In some areas of China, a large number of Lentinus edodes are produced in the wild at a specific time every year. Many people like to buy fresh Lentinus edodes in the local area, but if they want to keep them for a longer time, they should be dried in the sun. What is the method of dried mushrooms?

shiitake, also known as shiitake, Xiangxin, xiangzizania and shiitake, belongs to the genus shiitake of Agaricales of basidiomycetes.

Lentinus edodes is known as “mountain treasure”. It has rich nutrition and delicious taste. Its dried products (commonly known as dried mushrooms) can be divided into flower mushrooms, winter mushrooms, thick mushrooms and thin mushrooms. Lentinus edodes is a famous edible and medicinal fungus. It has rich flavor, rich nutrition, 18 kinds of amino acids, and 7 kinds are necessary for human body. Ergosterol can be converted into vitamin D, which can enhance the anti disease and prevent colds; Adenine and choline can prevent cirrhosis and arteriosclerosis; Tyrosine oxidase can reduce blood pressure; Benefiting stomach qi and treating wind and blood. In particular, Lentinus edodes contains “lentinan” and “ribonucleic acid” substances, which can “activate T cells, macrophages and complement system” and “enhance the ability of human body to inhibit the growth of cancer cells”. Therefore, regular consumption in the diet has a certain effect on the prevention of cancer.

Lentinus edodes is one of China’s traditional export products, and its first grade product is Huagu.

makes fresh mushroom lose water and become dry product with about 12% water content for storage and transportation. It is a widely used processing method.

commonly used are sun drying, drying and hot air drying. Dried mushrooms are not as fragrant as dried mushrooms.

sun drying method: Lentinus edodes drying in the sun is the most convenient, and the content of vitamin D in dried Lentinus edodes is higher. The method is: the collected mushrooms are immediately spread on the cement sun field or other sun terrace (more than 90% dry). When drying in the sun, first put the mushroom cover up, one by one, after drying to half dry, put the mushroom cover down, drying to more than 90% dry. The shorter the drying time, the better the quality of dried mushrooms. The color of dried Lentinus edodes

is generally poor, and the water content is slightly higher.

storage of dried Lentinula edodes: the moisture content of dried Lentinula edodes is below 13%, the handle of Lentinula edodes is easy to break and make a crisp sound when holding it gently. But it’s not easy to be too dry, otherwise it’s easy to break. Dried Lentinula edodes are easy to absorb moisture and regain moisture, so they should be stored in sealed cans. It’s better to take them out every month and expose them to the sun once. They can be stored for more than half a year; It can also be directly refrigerated or frozen to avoid spoilage or insects.

dried Lentinus edodes have special advantages besides easier preservation. Dried Lentinus edodes contain more vitamin D, which is because under the sunlight, the ergosterol of Lentinus edodes will be directly converted into vitamin D, which can supplement vitamin D for the human body after eating. However, dried Lentinus edodes must be naturally dried, not artificially heated drying, otherwise vitamin D will be lost a lot.

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