How to dry clothes quickly in rainy days anti odor skills in rainy days

the most annoying thing in Meiyu season is that the washing clothes are not dry, and it will breed bacteria to produce odor. How to make clothes dry quickly and avoid smelling? Now, let’s learn how to dry clothes quickly on rainy days? Dry clothes in rainy days, deodorant skills!

how to dry clothes quickly in rainy days

1. When washing clothes with washing machine, you can dehydrate again


Recently, the family with drying function of washing machine is blessed, It’s easy to get dry clothes in the rainy season. However, clothes dried by dryer are easy to wrinkle, and many people’s washing machines do not have the function of dryer. Therefore, we can use the dewatering function in the washing machine to help the clothes dry quickly. The operation is very simple, that is, after the automatic dehydration process of the washing machine, manually press the dehydration key again. Here, we need to pay attention to the material of some clothes, which is not suitable for excessive dehydration. After the second dehydration, the moisture content in the clothes will be greatly reduced, which can make the clothes dry more quickly.

2, air in the bathroom is better than air in the balcony

in the indoor to dry clothes, conditional air in the balcony, the balcony can’t dry down will also choose to air in the room window. In fact, the balcony and window are close to the outside, and the outdoor air humidity is high on rainy days, so it is difficult to dry the clothes. Moreover, in these places, clothes are easy to be contaminated with parasitic bacteria from outside, which is the reason why clothes stink in rainy days. So where are we going to sun our clothes? The best place is the bathroom. Maybe some people will think it’s incredible. Isn’t the humidity in the bathroom also very high? How can it be suitable for drying clothes? However, because the humidity of the bathroom is very high, so the general bathroom is equipped with a ventilator to eliminate the moisture in the bathroom. We turn on the ventilator half an hour before we dry the clothes and take away the moisture from the bathroom. Then dry the wet clothes in, so that the fan can take away the moisture in the clothes and let it dry faster.

3, sun with black bag


Before drying clothes, we can prepare a large black garbage bag, or a large piece of black cotton cloth, large enough to cover clothes. Then clip the black bag and clothes together, and put them in a light and ventilated place. The main principle of doing this is that black can absorb heat and ultraviolet rays very well. In rainy weather, it will dry much faster than nature.

4, drying tips

when drying clothes, we must pay attention to keep the distance. There should be a distance between the clothes and the front and back of the clothes themselves. This can maximize the ventilation. When drying clothes with long sleeves and hats, turn them upside down and air them again. This drying position can ensure that the sleeves of the clothes are blown by the wind.

5, thicker clothes upside down and then air

hooded jacket and other slightly heavy clothes are more difficult to dry, it is recommended not to use the hanger to air, should use the clothes clip to clamp the hem, let the clothes upside down and then air, can make the armpit and body cloth will not overlap, easier to dry. If you can use the clothes clip to separate the front and back hem of the clothes, it will help to accelerate the ventilation effect in the middle of the clothes.

6, bath towel first swing easier to dry

bath towel and other heavy, thick fiber fabric, it is best to stretch out before drying, hands holding swing more than 5 times, let the washed formed a ball of fiber stand up, increase contact with the air surface, can be easier to dry.

7. First freeze and then air

. After washing and drying, fold the clothes, wrap them with towel or put them into plastic bags to exhaust the air, then put them in the freezer of the refrigerator for 5 hours, take them out, unfold them and air them on the balcony. In this way, the clothes will not absorb the moisture in the air, on the contrary, they will freeze the surrounding air to dry.

anti odor skills of drying clothes in rainy days


1 Soak the smelly clothes in the detergent + 1% 84 disinfectant for 10 minutes to let the disinfectant completely kill the breeding bacteria, or use the detergent or washing powder with sterilization function, Wash it again.

2, without 84 disinfectant, you can also add two spoonfuls of white vinegar and half a bag of milk into the water, then soak the smelly clothes for 10 minutes, and then clean them to remove the odor!

3. Prepare a basin of 40 ℃ warm water, add oxygen bleaching powder in the water for one time, stir it thoroughly, soak the smelly clothes for more than 30 minutes, and finally rinse them.

4, anxious to wear, can be treated with deodorizing clothes and deodorant spray.

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