How to eat apple for its best effect

How to eat an apple to get its best effect

how to eat an apple to get its best effect

1. Peel an apple

. According to the who, cleaning an apple does not guarantee the removal of bacteria or chemicals left on the skin, so it is meaningful to peel it before eating. With regard to China, the who said that in recent decades, the use of chemicals and pesticides in China’s food production has been increasing, and some evidence shows that the amount of pesticides applied far exceeds the recommended dose, which greatly increases the possibility of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables. These pesticide residues will cause harm to the health of consumers.

people are not used to peeling apple skin, mainly considering the nutritional value of apple skin. However, & lt; The nutrition of apples is in the skin;, It’s actually a misunderstanding. The nutritional components of apple peel and apple flesh are obviously different. The former has more water-insoluble dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, but the intake of dietary fiber is not the more the better. It will bring gastrointestinal discomfort and reduce the absorption of minerals and other nutrients. Considering the digestibility and absorption rate, the overall quality of vitamins and minerals in apple peel is not too high. So it’s better to peel the apple for safety.

2, clever use of Apple clear stomach

apple is rich in water-soluble food fiber, but also organic acids and other substances. It can not only promote defecation by stimulating intestinal peristalsis, but also protect the intestinal wall, activate the useful bacteria in the intestine, and adjust the gastrointestinal function. Therefore, it is a commonly used fruit food to clean the intestine. Apple can be used to clean up the intestines and stomach because its efficacy and function are consistent with the characteristics of the food for clearing the intestines and stomach.

although Apple has many advantages in clearing the intestines and stomach, it is not suitable to promote intestinal peristalsis and then defecate through apple if there is no pain in the intestines of people with stomach diseases and waste accumulation. The main reason for this is that malic acid in apples often increases the concentration of gastric acid, causing stomach discomfort and aggravating stomach disease. Therefore, special attention should be paid to it.

3. Eating apples in the morning is more beneficial. For the human body, after a night’s sleep, it has been at least nine hours from dinner the previous day to waking up in the morning. In these nine hours, although we are in deep sleep, our bodies are still running, consuming a lot of sugars and nutrients. At this time, you need to supplement some sugars and energy in the morning. Therefore, it’s a good way to eat an apple on an empty stomach in the morning, because apples contain a lot of fructose, and fructose is easy to quickly convert into glucose, which can quickly supplement energy.

and apples contain many nutrients that are good for human body. Eating apples on an empty stomach can help digestion, and also protect our respiratory system and lungs from haze and pollution. For some people who often catch cold, eating apples often can reduce the incidence of cold and enhance their resistance. Therefore, there are many advantages of eating apples. When you feel tired and nervous in the morning, you might as well eat an apple to recover your physical strength.

tips: to judge whether an apple is rich in nutrients is not determined by sweetness, but by the content of apple polyphenols, which determines the health of each kind of apple. Apple polyphenol is an important chemical substance in plants, which can prevent Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, high cholesterol and other diseases. The test results show that, in general, the bitter the apple taste is, the higher the apple polyphenol content is. Therefore, the sweeter the apple is, the better it is. The nutrition of green and yellow apples may be relatively higher.

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