How to eat chili more healthy?

How to eat chili more healthy?

how to eat pepper more healthy?

1, with hot food solution.

although spicy is enjoyable, people can’t bear eating too much. Experts teach you how to understand spicy food: eat more sweet and sour food. Sweet can cover and interfere with the spicy taste, acid can neutralize the basic capsaicin. I think it’s too spicy. It’s very useful to dip in vinegar, drink a cold sweet drink, and have a cool fruit. If you are cooking spicy dishes at home, you should try to choose the food that can nourish yin, reduce dryness and reduce heat, such as duck, shrimp, crucian carp, balsam pear, towel gourd, cucumber, etc. you can also cook some cool mung bean porridge and lotus leaf porridge to defeat the fire.

2, pepper is best cooked to eat.

capsicum has dry capsicum, fresh capsicum, pickled capsicum and other types. Experts suggest that it is better to eat fresh capsicum because of its rich nutrients. In addition, pepper is best cooked to eat. Because raw pepper contains a lot of capsaicin, it may stimulate oral and gastrointestinal mucosa. After heating, the gastrointestinal stimulation will be reduced.

3, spicy food also depends on the physique.

for pepper, due to different physical fitness, the degree of tolerance is not the same. Cold hands and feet, easy anemia can be appropriate to eat more. People with gastric ulcer, esophagitis and hemorrhoids, as well as those with Yin deficiency and fire, constipation and acne should be cautious. In addition, pepper has the effect of removing dampness, and northerners should eat less when it is dry in spring and autumn.

4, eat hot pepper with a little acid.

in terms of taste, pepper can be divided into spicy, sour and spicy, and mustard. Spicy pepper added to the hot, more likely to get angry, to eat less. There is less capsaicin in pickled pepper; Vinegar in hot and sour has detoxification effect, reduce the chance of fire, you can eat more appropriately.

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