How to eat coarse grains to be healthy?

How to eat coarse grains to be healthy?

how to eat coarse grains to be healthy?

it’s good for health to eat coarse grains, especially for sugar friends. A certain proportion of coarse grains should be added to the staple food. Coarse grains are usually unprocessed or only rough processed, and plant fiber remains more. These plant fibers, like sieves, play a multi-layer barrier role, reducing the absorption of sugar in the intestine, thus avoiding the rapid rise of postprandial blood glucose and keeping blood glucose stable to a certain extent. But the taste of most coarse grains is poor, so it is difficult for Tangyou to insist on eating for a long time. As a result, some sugar friends think of a way to do it, and try every means to make the coarse grain fine; Have the best of both worlds;.

in this regard, experts say that the soft and hard, thin and thick, and particle size of staple food have a great impact on the glycemic index. Even for the same food, the finer the cut, the longer the cooking time, the more water added, and the higher the degree of gelatinization, the higher the glycemic index. It’s also rice, porridge and sticky bottom & lt; Guoba;, The sugar production index is far different. The same is millet porridge, boil 30 minutes and boil an hour, the impact on blood sugar is also great. For example, for potatoes, the sugar index of gelatinized mashed potatoes is much higher than that of boiled potatoes. Therefore, if you make all the coarse grains carefully, it is another meaning of the ingredients in the cooking process; Deep processing;, This may counteract most of the health benefits of whole grains.

experts show that the simpler it is, the better; Lazy & quot; The better. For example, potatoes, sweet potatoes and konjac, if they can be cooked completely, don’t cut them, but cut them into large pieces as much as possible. If beans can be eaten as a whole, don’t grind them. For example, mung beans have a medium sugar index, but mung bean sand has a high sugar index. It’s better for sugar lovers to eat less. If you can eat whole corn, don’t grind it into corn flour. Take 25g corn flour for example, its sugar content is equivalent to 200g corn cob. In addition, the key to making staple food is to cook it in a hurry, add less water and cook until it is cooked. Don’t pursue the soft taste too much.

of course, it’s really hard to swallow the whole meal, especially for the elderly sugar friends, which will lead to loss of appetite, indigestion and increase the burden of gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, the best way is to eat coarse grains and fine grains together, which will help sugar friends stick to eating coarse grains for a long time.

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