How to eat coconut meat?

How to eat coconut meat?

how to eat coconut meat?

fruit stall owner will pick up a big knife to split a thick layer of fruit shell. From the cross section, the green part of the shell is the thinnest, which is the exocarp; Inside is the fibrous mesocarp, commonly known as coconut palm, which is the thickest part. When the mesocarp and exocarp are peeled, the dry and hard endocarp with three holes is exposed.

don’t throw away the coconut shell immediately after drinking the coconut juice. It’s a tyranny. As high-end gourmands, we should pass the lovely coconut shell to the boss, who then splits the inner peel with a knife, takes a piece from the outer peel, and flattens one end obliquely for the purpose of & lt; Spoon & quot; Dig Coconut & mdash; The white endosperm attached to the inner epidermis of coconut shell. The endosperm layer (coconut meat) contains milk juice rich in nutrients, that is, the coconut juice we drink. When the endosperm is dug up, a thin dark seed coat can be seen on the back of the endosperm. The most important part of the seed & mdash; The embryo grows on the side opposite to the germinal pore. The seed coat, endosperm, slurry and embryo constitute the seed of coconut. Therefore, coconut is one of the most special drupes. What we eat is its seeds.

after drinking coconut juice and eating coconut meat, is the hard endocarp useless? The answer, of course, is no! The thick fiber of mesocarp can be made into brush, straw mat, carpet, rope, sack, etc; The cold resistant and heat-resistant coconut shell can be made into various utensils and crafts, or made into high-quality activated carbon which can effectively remove stains, and can also be made into special musical instruments. The dried coconut shell is the raw material for making coconut and Banhu, and it is also an accompaniment instrument of traditional Philippine dance.

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