How to eat donkey hide gelatin?

How to eat donkey hide gelatin is not afraid of fire. But winter is also a good season for nourishing. At this time, donkey hide gelatin not only looks good, but also relieves the problem of cold hands and feet. But some people mutter: it’s already dry. I want to eat donkey hide gelatin to nourish yin and blood, but how can I get more angry after eating it?

fire is the original accessories,

some people are yin deficiency and fire type constitution, you can buy donkey hide gelatin to eat, you can eat after eating dry eyes, redness, eye excrement increase, even dry throat and constipation. What’s going on? Experts said that pure donkey hide gelatin itself does not cause fire, but it is caused by supplementary drugs added in the process of production and consumption. When stewing donkey hide gelatin, in order to improve its efficacy, it is often soaked with yellow rice wine, which promotes the fire; The content of amino acids in Ejiao is high, and the absorption of nutrients in Ejiao consumes vitamins, which is also one of the reasons for getting angry.

afraid of fire with black bean soup

found the cause of fire, as long as we eat it reasonably. Experts recommend that if there are symptoms such as hand foot heart heat and upset during taking, it may be due to yin deficiency of constitution. Can be fried with black beans 60 grams soup, and then stewed donkey hide gelatin each other. When eating donkey hide gelatin, we try our best to choose light food, especially sugar. Radish and garlic are taboo and must not be eaten. In addition, women should not eat during menstruation.

donkey hide gelatin is also the older the better

in addition, just like the old wine is more fragrant, donkey hide gelatin is also good for aging. Put the newly bought donkey hide gelatin in a cool place and keep it sealed. The newly made donkey hide gelatin always contains some fire poison, which will disappear with time. Compared with new Ejiao, Chen Ejiao is more gentle (not warm or cold), and some people will not get angry after taking it for a long time. Experts suggest that if the conditions at home allow, you can put the newly bought donkey hide gelatin in a cool place for more than three years.

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