How to eat edible oil to be healthy

How to eat healthy edible oil

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many families long-term consumption of a single type of edible oil, so healthy? Edible oil provides important fatty acids and energy for our body. Different types of edible oil contain different proportions of fatty acids. Therefore, try not to eat only one kind of oil, but to eat it harmoniously, so as to ensure the balanced intake of dietary fatty acids.

for the health of the elderly, many families try to let them eat less oil. Is that right? Generally speaking, the metabolism of the elderly is slow, so they should eat less meat and animal oil containing a lot of saturated fatty acids, and increase the intake of unsaturated fatty acids in the diet. Unsaturated fatty acids can promote the excretion of LDL, which also causes health hazards, and reduce the incidence rate of cardiovascular diseases in the elderly. As long as the appropriate amount, the elderly eat oil or healthy.

cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are really & lt; It’s from eating oil; Is that right? Many cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are related to the imbalance of fatty acid intake. If essential fatty acids and nonessential fatty acids can not be balanced intake, in the metabolic process, nonessential fatty acids and essential fatty acids compete, so that important metabolic pathways lose balance, resulting in diseases

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