How to eat eggs and duck eggs in fitness? Which one has higher nutritional value?

many friends like fitness and have strict requirements on diet. As we all know, fitness needs to supplement protein, so egg is a necessary fitness food for fitness people. Some bodybuilders like to eat eggs raw. Is that right? Is it better for fitness people to eat raw eggs or cooked eggs? Which is better, egg or duck egg? Let’s have a look with you.

1 The main reason for this problem is that you don’t understand the absorption of protein. First of all, you need to know that egg protein exists in egg white, So whether it is raw or cooked state, its protein quality and protein absorption rate are no difference, and there are parasites in raw eggs, so it is recommended to choose cooked eggs.

2. How many eggs should you eat after health?

an egg is usually 50g, and the protein content is 6-7g, so it is necessary to keep fit. Infants, old people and patients should cook, lie, steam and throw eggs. You can’t eat rotten eggs. People with coronary heart disease should not eat too many eggs. Children should not eat more than 2 eggs a day. The elderly should not eat more than 3 eggs a day. People with hypercholesterolemia, especially severe patients, should try to eat less or not, or eat protein instead of egg yolk, because the cholesterol content in egg yolk is 3 times higher than that of protein, up to 1400 mg / 100g.

can not be eaten with soybean milk

soybean milk contains a special substance called trypsin, which reacts with vitellin in egg white, causing the loss of nutrients and reducing the nutritional value of both. So don’t drink soy milk while eating eggs.

can not be eaten with sugar

because eggs are rich in protein, the main component of protein is amino acids, and amino acids will react with sugar to form a combination of fructosyl lysine, which is not easy to be absorbed by human body, especially for people with poor gastrointestinal function, which is harmful to health.

People with kidney disease should be cautious about eating eggs

eggs are often eaten. Many people know that they have high nutritional value, but ignore the dietary taboo of eating eggs. In the daily diet, eggs and sugar, rabbit meat with eating, is a few of the biggest mistakes. Many places have the habit of eating poached eggs in sugar water. In fact, when eggs and sugar are boiled together, the amino acids in egg protein will form a fructosyl lysine complex. This kind of material is not easy to be absorbed by human body, which will have adverse effects on health. There is also a dietary taboo for eggs, that is, they cannot be eaten with rabbit meat《 In the compendium of Materia Medica, it is said: & lt; The egg and the rabbit meat become diarrhea& rdquo; Rabbit meat tastes sweet, cold and sour, and eggs are sweet, flat and slightly cold. Both of them contain some bioactive substances. Eating together can cause reaction, stimulate gastrointestinal tract and cause diarrhea.

don’t eat goose and rabbit meat immediately after eating eggs

eggs can’t be eaten with rabbit and goose meat. Li Shizhen said in compendium of materia medica: & lt; The egg and the rabbit meat become diarrhea& rdquo; That’s because rabbit meat tastes sweet, cold and sour, while eggs are sweet, flat and slightly cold. Both of them contain some bioactive substances. If they eat together, they will react, stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and cause diarrhea.

don’t eat turtle meat immediately after eating eggs

there are many taboos about eggs, because they are seldom used to match and are rarely known. For example, eating turtle meat after eating eggs can also lead to food poisoning. And turtle meat itself is greasy, people suffering from cold or cold dampness in the body generally do not eat. In addition, it’s salty, pregnant women and people with poor digestive system just after giving birth to BB can’t eat it.

Don’t take anti-inflammatory drugs immediately after eating eggs

eggs are rich in protein. Pay special attention to protein intake when inflammation occurs. So when inflammation attacks, remember not to take medicine after eating eggs. Especially digestive tract diseases, diarrhea symptoms, more can not eat eggs. Because eggs contain more protein, will increase the burden of gastrointestinal, relative to the drug effect, especially fatty diarrhea. If it is other inflammation, such as respiratory system, urinary system, from the perspective of Western medicine is not much impact.

don’t drink tea immediately after eating eggs

many people like to use tea after eating eggs. Especially those who like to wake up with morning tea. But at this time, in fact, you ignore that drinking tea after eating eggs is harmful to your health. Because tea contains a lot of tannic acid, tannic acid and protein can synthesize astringent tannic acid protein, which slows down the intestinal peristalsis and prolongs the retention time of feces in the intestinal tract. It is not only easy to cause constipation, but also increases the possibility of toxic substances and carcinogens being absorbed by the human body, which is harmful to human health.

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