How to eat flaxseed oil?

The best way to eat flaxseed oil is

how to eat flaxseed oil is

many authoritative scientific experiments have proved that flaxseed oil is a natural vegetable oil with a variety of health functions, such as “brain strengthening and intelligence benefiting”; Smart oil;, It can clean blood vessels, reduce fat and lose weight; Skimming & quot;, It also has the function of conditioning; Three high It can prevent diabetes, relieve allergic dermatitis and eczema, and prevent cancer and cancer.

comparison of linseed oil; Delicate & quot;, Because its a-linolenic acid is not resistant to high temperature, it is easy to be oxidized at room temperature, so its smoke point is very low, high temperature cooking will produce a lot of harmful substances, but also will lose its health care effect. Therefore, flaxseed oil suitable for cold, soup, or with yogurt to eat.

flaxseed oil can be divided into two kinds: low temperature initial pressing and hot pressing.

low temperature virgin oil has not undergone high temperature treatment and over processing, and contains many nutrients beneficial to human body, including a-linolenic acid and vitamin E. its color is generally light yellow, with a light fragrance. Hot pressed linseed oil after high temperature heating treatment, the color is generally brown, with a strong roasted flavor, heating process will lose a lot of nutrients. Therefore, it is suggested that low-temperature pressed linseed oil should be used as the first choice of linseed oil. Relatively speaking, low-temperature pressed linseed oil has more nutritional and health effects, and is safer and healthier to eat.

as linseed oil is not resistant to high temperature and is easy to be oxidized, it is recommended that linseed oil should be stored in the refrigerator at low temperature. After eating, tighten the cover. After opening the cover, linseed oil should be used up as soon as possible, and the time should not be too long.

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