How to eat in winter can improve physical fitness?

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How to eat in winter can improve physical fitness?

how to eat in winter can improve physical fitness?

vegetables and seafood are full of vitality.

men are the backbone of a family and shoulder the responsibility of supporting the family. What dishes are suitable for men to eat in winter? Of course, it’s the small seafood of leek. Leek has the function of Warming Yang and strengthening yang. With small seafood to supplement minerals, it can make men full of vitality!

steamed healthy staple food

steamed purple potato, sweet potato, potato as staple food, food variety, rich color, supplement carbohydrates at the same time let us get enough vitamins and dietary fiber, it is worth mentioning that there is lysine in sweet potato, which is lack of rice flour, can be complementary to staple food, Purple potato contains anthocyanins, which can play an antioxidant role, and potato is known as & lt; Second, bread;, It’s a staple food in the land of longevity.

postprandial fruit Lactobacillus

postprandial patency we all love to eat some fruits, and used to use salad mixed with fruit, but the high oil of salad is not recommended, choose pure Yogurt Mixed with fruit rich in Lactobacillus, it appears more healthy, of course, its taste is absolutely not worse than salad, might as well try it!

lotus root soup buyiduo

winter soup is the best choice for the elderly with bad teeth. Lotus root is rich in vitamins and minerals, which is suitable for the elderly with weak body, and it has & lt; Communication & quot; It can help prevent the elderly from vascular accidents in winter, and the rotten meat can supplement the nutrition needed by the elderly.

vegetables and mushrooms with

vegetables is an essential food for every meal. However, frying will increase the consumption of oil and salt, which will greatly reduce the health. Blanching is used to treat vegetables, and then dry fried mushrooms are used for vegetables. The special flavor of mushrooms is integrated with vegetables, Let the dishes delicious without using oil cooking unhealthy way, in delicious at the same time enjoy the vegetables and mushrooms brought nutrition, beautiful!

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