How to eat instant noodles to be healthy

how to eat instant noodles to be healthy

the common instant noodles is to add the seasoning powder or soup package provided. To make it more delicious, some people will add more lunch meat, eggs or several dishes.

, however, this is too monotonous! In fact, as long as the effort, instant noodles can cook a good taste.

first of all, instant noodles don’t have to be boiled, they can also be fried. Then, to diversify the instant noodles, you might as well work hard on the ingredients, such as adding carrots, vegetable hearts, bean sprouts, peas, chicken, minced pork, beef, etc. the instant noodles will not be the same, but will have color, increase appetite, and have more color, flavor and taste.

of course, using the above ingredients may take a little longer than usual, because it needs to be prepared in advance, such as bean sprouts to root, peas to silk, etc. instant noodles may not be instant noodles! If time is short, you can choose some easily cooked ingredients, such as fish balls, Sudong balls, tofu, dried beans, etc.

how to eat healthy instant noodles?

1, the seasoning of instant noodles is usually high in oil, salt, monosodium glutamate and other ingredients, it is best not to add all, only half can be put;

2. You can discard the seasoning and use your own chicken soup instead, which is more healthy;

3. After Kaifeng, it’s better to eat it at one time, so as to avoid its oxidation and deterioration in the air; Don’t treat it as dinner or supper.

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