How to eat is not fat easy to thin constitution how to develop?

how to eat not fat easy thin constitution, you are not very envious of it? How can we develop a lean constitution that is not fat? And the sky will not drop pie, easy to thin physique is not born Oh! This is to rely on their own nurture! So, how can we develop it?

how to develop lean constitution 1: eat more alkaline food

in daily life, eat alkaline food as much as possible, alkaline food such as kelp, white radish, tofu, red bean, soybean, apple, onion, mustard, tomato, spinach, banana are not easy to cause appetite but good for the body, people usually think that eating acid food is acid food, For example, grapes, strawberries and lemons are typical alkaline foods, because the organic acids contained in fruits will be oxidized into carbon dioxide and water in the body, and will not produce acidic metabolites. Moreover, alkaline substances such as potassium ions in vegetables and fruits can neutralize acidic substances and maintain the balance of the body.

how to develop a lean constitution 2: increase your body temperature

hypothermia metabolism will slow down, especially in the cold autumn and winter, many girls will have the problem of cold hands and feet, which is easy to make the obese figure more obvious. Usually, move your body more and get rid of the bad habit of being lazy. You must have a good breakfast, eat more warm food and less frozen food, which can improve the energy consumption rate.

at the same time, when our body gets cold and we feel lack of energy in our body, we will enter the “saving” mode. If we don’t consume energy by ourselves, it will become fat accumulation. If you want to improve your body temperature by doing exercise, you’d better do it before meals to stimulate heat metabolism and make fat burn more effectively. But it’s not suitable to do too strenuous exercise before meals. Just stretch your body a little.

how to develop lean constitution 3: a little exercise on weekdays can improve muscle strength

in order to improve their own metabolism, appropriately increase the amount of muscle, but you do not need to go to the gym to do high-intensity exercise, that will only increase the amount of muscle, but also easy to create muscle lumps, leading to muscle obesity Oh!

when it’s time to move, move fully. For example, get off at an early stop, correct sitting posture, standing posture and walking posture. Even if you watch TV, try to sit straight with your back. After a period of relaxation, continue to sit straight and take the stairs instead of the elevator… There are many opportunities to improve muscle strength in daily life!

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