How to eat is right

with the rapid development of modern society, people’s psychology of pursuing profits is strengthened. In today’s profit oriented society, we have to pay attention to what we can eat and what we can’t eat almost every day“ “Pure natural”, “green and pollution-free” are really important. But have you ever thought that maybe some things are caused by our wrong way of eating?

1. It’s healthy to burn tap water for 3 minutes.

in all kinds of drinks, the most economical, affordable and safest is boiled water. However, boiled water is not as simple as people think – just boil it. As we all know, boiling water for a long time, the carcinogen nitrite will be relatively increased, so most people turn off the fire as soon as they see the water boiling. However, although the harm of nitrite is avoided, the chloride content in water may be greatly increased.



slice to eat.

garlic is known as the king of cancer, so many people like to eat garlic. Garlic is best eaten raw, some people are used to eating noodles on the other side of the garlic peel out, a piece of a piece to eat, so eat garlic health care effect of its emblem. The correct way is: first cut the garlic into thin slices, put in the air for 15 minutes, let the garlic and oxygen fully combine to produce allicin. Allicin is anti-cancer, and is the king of anti-cancer, so eat garlic to play its maximum effect.




tofu is one of people’s favorite vegetarians, and its health care effect is significant. But did you know that the health care effect of tofu lies in its ingenious combination. For example, the combination of tofu and meat can improve the nutritional value of protein. The nutritional value of white matter in food depends not only on the quantity of protein, but also on the type, quantity and proportion of amino acids contained in protein. The more appropriate the proportion is, the higher the nutritional value of protein is. Although tofu has a large amount of protein, some amino acids (such as egg chloric acid) are low, which is called incomplete protein in medicine, so its nutritional value is greatly reduced. If it is combined with meat, such as braised meat with bean curd, stewed bean curd with fish head, it can supplement amino acids such as methionine and double its nutritional value.

maybe we should reflect on society and ourselves at the same time. What this society brings us is something we can’t stop, but we are in charge of ourselves. Learn more about scientific nutrition intake methods, so that we will not be in a desperate situation. Dear friends, what do you say?

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