How to eat kiwi fruit? Precautions for eating kiwifruit

what precautions do you know about eating kiwifruit except that people with abdominal discharge and deficiency of cold in spleen and stomach should not eat kiwifruit? Kiwi fruit can’t be eaten with milk, you know? Can you peel kiwi fruit? How to choose kiwi fruit? It doesn’t matter. Let’s follow Xiaobian to find the answer below!

how to eat kiwi fruit? Precautions for eating kiwifruit

kiwifruit food collocation and efficacy

kiwifruit is carnivorous, fat and juicy, fragrant, delicious, sweet and sour, and resistant to storage. The fresh fruit harvested at the right time can last for a month at room temperature; It can even keep fresh for more than five or six months under low temperature conditions. In addition to fresh food, it can also be processed into fruit juice, jam, fruit wine, canned sugar water, dried fruit, preserved fruit, etc. these products are yellow, brown or orange, with attractive color, delicious flavor and nutritional value no less than fresh fruit. Therefore, they have become health food for navigation, aviation, plateau and high-temperature workers.

Kiwi + honey: clearing heat, generating fluid, moistening dryness and quenching thirst.

Kiwi + ginger: clearing heat and stomach.

Kiwi + job’s tears: inhibits cancer cells.

Kiwi + Liuding: prevent joint wear.

kiwi fruit taboo:

but kiwi fruit can’t be eaten with milk: it causes abdominal distention, abdominal pain and diarrhea. It can’t be eaten with liver, cucumber and carrot, which will destroy vitamin C.

how to select kiwifruit

1 and see the hardness. Carefully touch the whole body of the fruit, and select the fruit with hard texture. Mature kiwi fruit, soft texture and aroma. If the fruit is hard in essence and has no aroma, it means that it is not mature, sour and astringent, and should not be eaten. If the fruit is soft, puffy and ambiguous, it indicates that it is over ripe or rotten, has lost its edible value and should not be purchased.

2. Look at the appearance. The fruit with full body, no injury and disease is better, and the part near one end with faint green is the best. The number of epidermal burrs varies according to the variety.

3. Look at the size. Small fruits are not inferior to large fruits in taste and nutrition, so you don’t have to blindly pursue large fruits, and don’t choose unusually large fruits.

4. Look at the color. Kiwi fruit with thick green pulp and sweet and sour taste has the best quality and the highest vitamin content. The flesh is lighter and slightly worse.

how to eat kiwi

how to eat kiwi? Kiwi fruit is a kind of fruit with high nutritional value and sweet and sour taste, which is deeply loved by the public. But many friends don’t know how to eat kiwi fruit. How do you eat kiwi fruit? There are three methods:

1 and direct peeling. This is the most common way for Xiaobian to eat kiwi fruit. Peel it with a fruit knife and bite it directly. It’s simple.

2. Eat with a spoon. With a fruit knife, cut the kiwi fruit in half from the middle, and then use a spoon to dig the pulp along the edge of the skin. It’s easier to eat, ha ha.

3. Eat with a fruit fork or toothpick. This method is more difficult, but it is the best when entertaining relatives and friends.

detailed method:

1. Cut off both ends of kiwi fruit with a knife;

2. Insert the small fruit knife from the peel edge;

3. Gently rotate the peel knife to cut and separate the pulp and peel along the peel edge;

4. Place the kiwi fruit vertically in the plate and gently pull out the peel.

5. Divide the knife into small pieces and eat with a fruit fork or toothpick.

how to ripen kiwifruit

1, ripen kiwifruit with apples

you can put several apples and hard kiwifruit in a paper bag, tie up your mouth and put them in two or three days to make kiwifruit soft. This is a gas emitted by Apple & mdash& mdash; Ethylene, which has the effect of ripening. Not only apples can ripen kiwifruit, but other fruits, such as bananas, pears, vegetables and tomatoes, can also ripen kiwifruit, but remember that if you can’t put it for too long, it will make kiwifruit rotten.

fruit ripening method is a reliable method, which can be safely selected. And the more apples, bananas and other fruits are put, the shorter the ripening time of kiwi fruit is, and the sooner you can eat it.

2 and ripening kiwifruit with toothpicks

is to clean the bought kiwifruit with water, then use a clean toothpick to pierce several small holes on the kiwifruit, then put it in a plastic bag, tie it up and place it for a few days, which will accelerate the progress of maturity. You can also make a few small cuts on the outside of kiwifruit with a knife, which can also accelerate the ripening of kiwifruit. This is because small wounds can make kiwifruit produce ethylene, and ethylene can accelerate kiwifruit maturation. Although this method is good, some microorganisms will breed in small wounds, which will affect the quality of kiwifruit, so it is not recommended.

how to peel kiwifruit

kiwifruit is rich in nutrition but very low in calories. It is a low-fat food rich in nutrition and dietary fiber. It has a unique effect on weight loss, bodybuilding and beauty. However, the skin of kiwifruit is too hard to peel, and too soft is easy to get all over your hands. How to peel kiwifruit? Xiaobian has collected 2 simple and practical methods. Let’s have a look!

tools: kiwi fruit, knife, spoon / toothpick.


1. First wash the kiwi fruit.

2. Then cut off the head and tail of kiwi fruit with a knife.

3. Then insert it with a spoon along the skin. If it is hard kiwi fruit, insert it one by one to separate the skin. If it is soft kiwi fruit, insert it with a spoon and turn it around, and dig out the pulp along the flesh gap.

another method is to replace the spoon with a toothpick and dig along the pulp gap. If you are not proficient in the above methods at the beginning, you need some patience.

there is a third method, which needs to be cut in half. Cut the kiwifruit in half after removing the head and tail, put half of the kiwifruit pulp upward, and then dig along the skin with a knife, so that half of the complete pulp can be dug out.

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