How to eat midnight snack is the healthiest

How to eat the midnight snack is the healthiest

how to eat the midnight snack is the healthiest

for the choice of the midnight snack, many women who love beauty are often worried, afraid of getting fat. In fact, as long as you pay attention to nutrition, don’t overeat, eating supper will not affect your body. Supper must be combined with dinner and working hours to determine, if the daytime work leisure, three meals are full, go to bed early at night, then you can not eat supper. If you often work late and don’t have a rest in the early morning, it’s very necessary to add meals, which can not only make people stay up late and work more energetic, but also avoid the cold and tiredness caused by fasting.

Cantonese dim sum is not suitable for tea drinks.

Cantonese dim sum is a leading figure in the night camp. Many people always go to the teahouse to eat night tea, shrimp dumplings, Shaomai, barbecued pork bun, chicken feet and vermicelli in the evening. In the face of these foods, we should choose our own snacks according to our own preferences and physical conditions. Too sweet fillings can give you excess energy, and eating fried foods at night is not a good idea. When eating snacks, you should also pay attention to the choice of drinks. You should try to avoid drinking tea drinks, including herbal tea, and drink more juice and mineral water.

porridge is the first choice for healthy night snack.

the starch in porridge can fully combine with water. It not only provides heat energy, but also has a lot of water. Moreover, it tastes delicious, throat moistening, easy to eat, rich in nutrition and easy to digest. Therefore, it is the first choice for everyone to eat porridge, It’s also a good choice to eat Babao porridge. The main raw materials of Babao porridge are cereals, such as japonica rice, glutinous rice and job’s tears. Red dates, beans and walnuts are added to the porridge. These raw materials basically have the good effects of Tonifying the middle and Qi, nourishing the body. Eating them often can nourish the mind, clear away heat, moisten the lung and asthma, which is very good for nourishing the stomach and relieving work pressure.

what taboos should we pay attention to when eating midnight snack?

it’s OK to supplement energy properly. Don’t eat supper as dinner. Breadcrumbs and porridge are better choices. Try not to eat too much fat barbecue and instant boiled meat.

the time between supper and sleep must be calculated. Don’t get too close to each other. You should rest for an hour or two before going to bed. Water and sugar a lot of fruit and some diuretic food before going to bed must eat less, or quite affect the quality of sleep.

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