How to eat more healthy eggs?

How to eat more healthy eggs?

how to eat more healthy eggs?

compared with cholesterol, the oxidation products of cholesterol are more harmful to health. It can damage human vascular endothelium, induce arteriosclerosis, damage DNA and increase the risk of cancer. The oxidation degree of cholesterol is closely related to the cooking methods of eggs. The following is the ranking of methods for cooking eggs:

it is better to take the form of steaming, boiling, steaming eggs, etc. to avoid the frequent use of oil frying, frying, baked egg yolk and other methods.

different groups, how many eggs to eat?

for adults with normal blood lipids and cholesterol, it doesn’t matter to eat more eggs, but on the premise of a balanced diet, it is more appropriate to eat one egg a day.

the patients with cholesterol level exceeding the standard and lipid metabolism disorder can eat one egg every two days or 2-3 eggs every week. Patients with abnormal liver and kidney function should first consult a professional doctor to avoid excessive protein in eggs to increase the burden of liver and kidney.

just finished eating eggs, do not do these things:

eat turtle meat.

eggs still have many taboos, which are rarely known because they are seldom used to match. For example, eating turtle meat after eating eggs can also lead to food poisoning. And turtle meat itself is greasy, people suffering from cold or cold dampness in the body generally do not eat. In addition, it is salty, pregnant women just after giving birth to BB digestive system is not good people can eat.

eat persimmons.

eating persimmon after eating eggs will lead to food poisoning. In general, it will lead to acute gastroenteritis and lung stones. Generally speaking, the two kinds of food at the same time will lead to vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain based symptoms of acute gastroenteritis. So if taking time in two hours, can use emetic method. Immediately take 20g salt and 200ml boiled water to dissolve, and drink it once after cooling. If you don’t vomit, you can drink it several times to promote vomit quickly. Or you can mash fresh ginger and take the juice with warm water. If you take it for a long time, take some laxatives as soon as possible to eliminate the toxic substances from the body.

drink Soybean milk.

soybean milk with strong nourishing effect contains a special substance called trypsin, which combines with vitellin in egg white to cause the loss of nutrients and reduce the nutritional value of both.

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