How to eat onion nutrition best?

How to eat onion nutrition best?

how to eat onion nutrition best?

according to the characteristics of onion, use onion

family commonly used onions are scallion, green onion, its spicy flavor is heavy, widely used in dishes, can be used as accessories and seasoning. It can be processed into silk and powder, which can be used as the seasoning of cold dishes. Besides being fresh, it can also play the role of sterilization and disinfection. It can be processed into sections or other shapes. After being fried, it can be cooked with the main ingredients, and the flavor of onion and the main ingredients are dissolved into one.

in addition, after stir frying with oil, green onion can highlight the flavor of green onion, which is an indispensable condiment for cooking aquatic products and animal wastes. It can be processed into sections, slices, silk and cooked with the main ingredients, or twisted into knots and stewed with the main ingredients. When it comes out of the pot, discard the onion to get its flavor. The tender green onion, also known as chive, is boiled and fried in boiling oil. It has strong fragrance and green color. It is mostly used for cold dishes or processing, and sprinkled on the finished dishes, such as & lt; Bean curd with green onion& ldquo; Chicken with scallion oil & quot; And so on.

use onion according to the shape of the main ingredient

the shape of onion processing should be consistent with the main ingredient, generally a little smaller than the main ingredient, but it should also be flexibly used according to the cooking method of the raw materials. For example & lt; Braised fish in brown sauce& ldquo; Dry roast fish& ldquo; Steamed fish& ldquo; Boiled fish balls& ldquo; Shaoyu soup & quot; Because of the different cooking methods, the requirements for the processing shape of scallion are also different& ldquo; Braised fish & quot; It is required to cut the scallion into sections and cook them with the fish& ldquo; Dry roast fish & quot; It is required to keep the chopped scallion consistent with the ingredients& ldquo; Steamed fish & quot; Just put the whole scallion on the fish, wait for the fish to be cooked, pick up the scallion, only take the flavor of scallion& ldquo; Boiled fish balls & quot; It is required to soak the scallion in water and only use the scallion juice, so as not to affect the color of fish balls& ldquo; Shaoyu soup & quot; When the onion is generally cut into sections, fried and stewed with fish. The fried scallion has a strong fragrance, which can remove the fishy smell. Soup cooked to scallion, the soup is clear and not turbid.

use scallion according to the needs of raw materials

the viscera of aquatic products, poultry, livestock and egg raw materials have strong fishy and smelly smell. Scallion is an indispensable seasoning when cooking. Bean products and rhizome raw materials seasoned with Scallion can remove beany and earthy smell. Single green vegetable itself contains natural fragrance, it is not necessary to use onion seasoning.

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