How to eat oranges without getting angry?

How to eat oranges without getting angry?

how to eat oranges without getting angry?

hot orange is the ideal choice. First, 1 & mdash; Two oranges were washed clean at 40 ℃ & mdash; Soak in warm water at 50 ℃ for about 1 minute. Then dry the orange until there is no water on the skin, put it in the microwave oven, heat for 1 & mdash; 2 minutes to micro focus. In this way, the volatile oil, hesperidin, vitamin B and vitamin C in the orange peel can penetrate into the orange, which not only achieves the effect of beauty, but also does not get angry.

orange peel is also known as & lt; Tangerine peel;, It is a commonly used medicinal material. It contains volatile oil, has a mild stimulating effect on intestinal tract, can help the secretion of digestive juice, increase appetite, and has the effect of harmonizing stomach and strengthening spleen. In addition, orange peel also has the function of relieving cough, resolving phlegm and promoting diuresis.

two orange peel edible method:

orange peel vegetables.

collect the fresh orange peel, clean it, soak it in water for 2 days, then cut it into shreds, and marinate it with white sugar for 20 days. It becomes a very delicious dish. It is not only sweet and refreshing, but also has the effect of antialcoholism.

orange peel porridge.

when cooking rice porridge, put a few pieces of clean orange peel before the water boils. Porridge cooked not only fragrant and delicious, but also special appetizer, abdominal distension or cough phlegm, has a better therapeutic effect.

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