How to eat raisins is the most nutritious

how to wash grapes

method 1: put the grapes one by one into the basin to keep the grapes intact without breaking the skin. Take a pot of water to cover the grapes, pour in a large spoon of flour, mix well, soak the grapes in flour water, and stir with your hands Shake it for 1-2 minutes, then rinse the sewage under running water, and finally rinse it with cold boiled water once for consumption. This is because flour is a very good natural sorbent, which can & lt; Suction & quot; Remove the dirt and grease on the surface of fruits and vegetables.

method 2: put a clean towel on the cover of a pan; Pour the wet grapes into it, about one layer of grape thickness at a time, and it can be rolled. Hold the flat chassis with both hands and shake it back and forth to make the grapes roll evenly. So there is no frost on the grapes.

method 3: add salt to grapes and stir evenly; Soak for about 20 minutes and pour out the water; Rinse with clean water before use;

pay attention to the following points:

1: grapes are best washed and eaten immediately. After washing, even if it is refrigerated in the refrigerator, it can only guarantee 2-3 days;

2: when washing grapes, use scissors to cut off the junction between pedicel and fruit carefully. Don’t cut the skin (the broken skin is easy to pollute the flesh), and don’t leave a small broken stem outside the fruit´╝ł Grapes with stalks are not easy to clean, but also easy to prick the skin of other grapes.) If there are rotten grapes, pick them first. Never use & lt; Pull & quot; Stem, because it will leave a hole, pulp easy to rot. After cutting the branches, you can see that the junction with the grape is smooth and complete. If you use the & lt; Stem & quot; Yes, it will pull out the fiber of the fruit and hurt the grape.

3: white dirty things on the grape, mixed with spider silk, ooze, insects, not edible. Be sure to wash clean before eating (especially juice drinking).

4: the process of washing grapes should be as fast as possible within 3-4 minutes, so as to avoid the grape swelling and easy to rot;

5: grape skin is rich in nutrition, so it’s best to eat with skin;

6: if you are worried about drug residues in grapes, it is best to soak them in light salt water for 10-30 minutes after washing.

how to wash raisins

when we wash raisins, we can add a small amount of starch to scrub, then rinse with water, or boil in boiling water for 2 minutes, which are good methods.

add a small amount of starch into the water, mix well, put the raisins in, rub them with hands for a few times, and then wash them with water, you can eat them. Try it quickly, this method is also very clean. After boiling the water, put the raisins in the water and boil for 1-2 minutes. Then take them out and put them on a clean plate. If you want to eat the raisins, you can put them in the oven or microwave oven and steam the water on the surface. The taste is also very good.

in terms of effect, grapes can’t be compared with raisins. Green tea contains antioxidants; Catechuic acid & quot; For example, there is only one chemical combination. However, there are three or four chemical combinations of raisins, and together, the shape is very large. This substance is called & lt; Anthocyanins;, It has strong antioxidant capacity. The effect of raisins after exposure can not be ignored.

the first advantage of raisins is that after dehydration, its ingredients are concentrated, so even if you eat a small amount, you can fully absorb the effective ingredients such as anthocyanins.

the second advantage of raisins is that they are not as perishable as raw grapes and can be preserved for a long time. Raisins contain a lot of sugar, so mold and other microorganisms are difficult to reproduce, and it is quite easy to preserve.

how to eat raisins the most nutritious

raw food, decoction, boil cream, or dip wine can take. Direct consumption, sweet and sour delicious, is a necessary food at home.

1, raisin cold drink. Without abrasive tools, it can also be put in other containers.

material: mung bean / red bean; Condensed milk; Cream; Milk, raisins, sugar, etc.

1) boil the blooming mung beans or red beans, add milk and mix well.

2) continue to add whipped cream and condensed milk.

3) add sugar and raisins.

4) into the mill, put into the refrigerator and take out after freezing.

2, adding raisins when cooking rice and porridge can increase its sweetness. After rice washing, add raisins and cook together; Or cook porridge, add raisins and cook until it’s almost done.

3, raisin cake. Mainly low gluten powder and baking powder, and then mixed with raisins and eggs, milk, sugar, increase flavor. Bake in the oven.

4, raisin soft cookies. It’s common to make soft cookies with raisins. You need to mix raisins in the flour paste and bake them in the oven.

5, there are many other common, such as eight treasure porridge, add raisins, unique flavor. Bought yogurt with good raisins, taste very good.

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