How to eat soy sauce is healthy

How to eat soy sauce to health

soy sauce how to eat healthy

simple way to prevent the mold mildew

soy sauce also need to worry about, in order to effectively prevent the mildew of the sauce, long white membrane, you can drop a few drops of cooking oil, put a few peeled garlic, or drop a few drops of Baijiu, can play a good role in mildew prevention.

pay attention to the time when soy sauce is added to dishes

pay attention to the time when soy sauce is added to dishes. Fish, meat, soy sauce to add early; Stir fried vegetables and other general dishes, it is best to add a little soy sauce before the dish is about to come out of the pot, so that the high temperature in the pot can avoid damaging amino acids, and the sugar in the soy sauce will not become acid.

some people don’t add soy sauce in the pot when cooking, but like to add soy sauce directly after the dishes are cooked. To do so, we must use soy sauce with high quality and up to standard bacterial count. It is better not to use cooking soy sauce that cannot be directly imported.

don’t mix cooking soy sauce and cold soy sauce

when buying soy sauce, you should see whether the label indicates that it is for food or cooking soy sauce. The health indicators of the two are different. Cold soy sauce, also known as table soy sauce, can be directly imported. Its main purpose is cold soy sauce, with good health indicators; Cooking soy sauce can’t be directly imported, it can only be used for cooking.

many consumers mix cooking soy sauce with cold soy sauce, thinking that there is no problem, but actually there is a health risk. The total number of bacteria in cooking soy sauce is slightly higher than that in cold soy sauce. If cooking soy sauce is used as cold soy sauce for a long time, and people’s body resistance is weak, they are prone to gastroenteritis and other diseases.

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