How to eat strawberries with pesticide residues exceeding the standard?

How to eat strawberries with pesticide residues exceeding the standard?

how to eat strawberries?

eating strawberries is not only because it tastes delicious, but also because of its high nutritional value and beauty effect. However, the news about strawberry pesticide residues exceeding the standard has been repeatedly exposed, which makes people shy away. So, how to deal with strawberry to eat at ease?

1. Rinse the strawberry with running water for a few minutes to remove most of the germs, pesticides and other pollutants on the surface. It should be noted that do not soak in water, so as to avoid pesticide dissolved in water and then absorbed by strawberry, and penetrate into the fruit.

2. Don’t eat the washed strawberries immediately. It’s better to soak them in light salt water or rice washing water for 5 minutes; Rice washing water is alkaline, which can promote the degradation of acidic pesticides.

3. Wash the rice washing water, light salt water and possible residual harmful substances with running tap water.

4. Rinse it with purified water (or cold boiled water) and eat it.

fresh strawberries have bright green pedicels, thorns on the surface of the pulp and a good sense of luster. In addition, strawberries with white pulp near the pedicel are not yet ripe. If you want to eat them immediately after you buy them, you’d better eat the red part. If you want to keep strawberries after eating, you need to stack them in a big bowl with kitchen paper, cover them with plastic wrap, cover them with towel and put them in the refrigerator where vegetables are stored. In this way, they can be kept for 1-2 days.

strawberries can not only solve skin problems, but also effectively improve anemia, constipation and other conditions, relieve anxiety. Let’s enjoy the double joy of delicious and beautiful in the sweetest season of strawberries!

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