How to eat tomato anticancer effect is better?

How to eat tomato anticancer effect is better?

how to eat tomato anticancer effect better?

experiment proved that cooked tomato can cut off the growth of cancer cells, lycopene can greatly reduce the adhesion and invasion characteristics of prostate cancer, inhibit the proliferation of prostate cancer cell lines, and even kill prostate cancer cells. They found cancer cells through & lt; Hijacking & quot; The mechanism by which healthy cells need blood to grow and spread. Then we examined the effect of lycopene on this mechanism, and noticed that lycopene can interfere with the & quot; Blood sucking & quot; Function, block cancer cells to obtain the healthy blood they need.

“ This simple chemical reaction takes place in the place where lycopene accumulates, and only by eating boiled tomatoes, lycopene can be absorbed. Our tests are only done in laboratory tubes, and further tests are needed to confirm our results. Of course, the evidence we found in the laboratory is very clear: eating cooked tomatoes can interfere with the growth of cancer cells& rdquo; Professor Chopra stressed that & lt; We did a survey and found that the lycopene content in the blood and semen of the subjects increased significantly after they continued to eat 14 ounces (400 grams) of cooked tomatoes every day for two consecutive weeks. The key problem is how to make enough lycopene gather where it is needed, which is also the focus of our current research& rdquo;

previously found that eating cooked tomatoes is better than eating raw tomatoes, the overall nutritional value is higher. Due to the protection of organic acids and vitamin P, there is no need to worry about the loss of nutrients in tomatoes due to cooking and heating. Tomato skin contains a lot of lycopene, it is best to eat with the skin. Immature green tomatoes contain toxins and should not be eaten raw, because plant hormones are used in the process of growth, and tomatoes with protruding top are not suitable for eating. Experts suggest that for the health of the prostate, it’s best to eat three or four servings of processed tomato every week.

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