How to eat too thin?

How to eat too thin?

how to eat too thin?

1, change the order of eating

many people like to drink soup before meals or eat fruit after meals, or some other eating habits, at this time if you change the order or can achieve good results. We can also follow such a principle: first, eat foods with high nutrition, high concentration and high density, and then eat other foods.

2, develop good eating habits

this is an old growth topic, but it is the most important and effective measures. The so-called good eating habits are to eat regularly, regularly and quantitatively, chew slowly, eat seven full meals, eat less and eat more. No hurry, no delay, take eating as a kind of enjoyment, not a kind of coping, so that the stomach can better digest food and promote the absorption of nutrition.

3. A balanced diet

. If you want to grow meat, you must have a balanced diet. You can’t be partial or picky. This is a very bad eating habit. Many people can’t get fat because they are picky. It is because being picky about food can easily lead to malnutrition and lead to the lack of many nutrients in the body, which will gradually become a vicious circle and even destroy the internal environment of the body. Therefore, it is good to eat a little of everything and get rid of the problem of being picky about food.

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