How to eat water chestnut? What is water chestnut?

How to eat water chestnut? What is water chestnut?

what is water chestnut?

water chestnut is a common food in daily life, because its shape is more like horseshoe, so it is called horseshoe. In addition, water chestnut is also known as ground chestnut, because water chestnut looks like chestnut, and its taste and efficacy are similar to chestnut.

water chestnut is rich in nutritional value and phosphorus, which can promote the development and metabolism of human body, and also has certain antibacterial effect. Water chestnut is also rich in medicinal value, which can play a role in clearing heat and detoxification, eliminating dampness and resolving phlegm, diuresis, reducing blood pressure, relieving flatulence and defecation.

how to eat water chestnut?

1, when eating raw fruit

water chestnut can be eaten raw fruit, but we should pay attention to water chestnut growing in the soil, water chestnut skin more bacteria, therefore, we must peel and wash water chestnut, and use hot water to wash sterilization, before eating. This kind of water chestnut is sweet and refreshing, which can retain the original flavor and nutrition of water chestnut.

2. When vegetables are cooked, water chestnut can also be cooked as vegetables. Water chestnuts can be cooked with Angelica sinensis and coix seed. First slice the Angelica sinensis and put it into the pot with clear water. Cook for half an hour. Then pick up the residue of Angelica sinensis and put the cut water chestnuts and coix seed into the pot to cook. When the porridge is not so hot, you can add appropriate amount of honey according to your personal taste. Angelica, coix seed and water chestnut porridge can improve people’s immunity, clear away heat and toxin, effectively relieve the symptoms of sore throat, and prevent cancer.

water chestnut can also be stewed with fig for drinking. The materials to be prepared include water chestnut, fig, proper amount of ginger and sucrose. First peel and wash the water chestnut, cut into grains, wash and cut the fig, take appropriate amount of ginger, then put the water chestnut, fig and ginger into the stewing cup, put the sucrose and appropriate amount of water into the stewing cup, stew for about two hours. Water chestnut fig soup can play the role of clearing heat and detoxification.

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