How to eat when you choke?

many people always choke when they eat. What’s the matter? Is it because they eat too fast, or are they caused by gastrointestinal diseases. As for what to do with choking after eating, we can go to see the relevant causes first, and then go to the hospital for diagnosis, and cooperate with the effective treatment of doctors, so as to cure this disease.

what to do with choking when eating? In fact, when eating, the glottis of the body is completely blocked by food lumps, or the suffocation caused by the trachea is called “choking”. This situation is one of the common causes of sudden death of the elderly, so it is necessary to find out in time and treat it in time. In

, 80% of choking occurred at home, and the disease was very serious. The key to the success of the rescue of choking food lies in the timely identification and diagnosis, and the on-site rescue every minute. If properly rescued, 50% of the patients will be out of danger. In order to prevent choking, in addition to timely treatment of various induced diseases, we should also pay attention to “four appropriate”: soft food, slow eating, less drinking and calm heart.

American scholar Heinrich invented a simple and easy first aid method that everyone can master. The specific operation method is as follows: the conscious patient can adopt standing or sitting position, the rescuer stands behind the patient, embraces the patient with both arms, clenches the fist with one hand, makes the prominent point of thumb metacarpal joint support the patient’s abdominal midline and supraumbilical part, presses the palm of the other hand on the fist, continuously and quickly pushes inward and upward for 6-10 times (pay attention not to hurt the ribs). The patient who fell to the ground in a coma was in supine position. The rescuer straddled the patient’s hip and pushed and impacted the upper part of the navel according to the upper method. This kind of impact on the upper abdomen is equivalent to a sudden increase in intra-abdominal pressure, which can raise the diaphragm, increase the airway pressure rapidly, force the air out of the lungs, and make the food (or other foreign bodies) blocking the trachea move up and be expelled. This first aid method is also known as “residual gas shock method”. If it is invalid, the operation can be repeated every few seconds to cause artificial cough and flush the blocked food mass out of the airway.

what to do with choking when eating? This shows that many people have poor chewing function. Some large pieces of food, such as meat, are not easy to be chewed by us. When drinking too much, they will lose their self-control, which will also cause choking when eating. So it must be avoided and treated in time to reduce the harm to the body.

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