How to effectively remove the scale in the water cup and other containers

if you can buy scale cleaning agent, then buy a bag directly. Tear up a bag of scale cleaner and pour it into the container. Inject hot water to make the inner wall of the container full of water. After 30 minutes, the scale can fall off quickly, and then clean it with clean water. If the dirt is particularly stubborn, it can be soaked for a long time.

if you don’t buy scale cleaning agent, there are the following methods to remove scale:

1, put some paper scraps in the bottle, then pour in warm salt water, gently shake for a while, scale can be removed.

2. Pour about 500g of 1% sodium bicarbonate water, or heat the vinegar and put it into the bottle, shake it gently, and the scale can be removed.

3. Smash the two eggshells a little, put them into the bottle, then put them into a half teapot of cold water, plug the bottle stopper and hold it down with one hand, hold the neck of the bottle mouth with thumb and other fingers, hold the bottom of the bottle with the other hand, and rotate it up, down, left and right. About 20 seconds, remove the cork, pour out the eggshell, and then rinse twice with water.

4. Use 250 grams of vinegar, heat it, pour it into a thermos, soak it for a few hours, then shake it up, down, left and right, the scale will fall off.

5. Soak 200g dilute hydrochloric acid in the bottle for a while, and then shake it to remove the scale in the bottle.

6. Pour the water for cooking noodles into the bottle, shake it for a few minutes, then pour it out, and then rinse it with clean water.

7. Cut some sunward leaves or pumpkin leaves into pieces 3 cm to 4 cm square, put them into the bottle, add a little cold water, gently shake the thermos bottle for a few times, pour them out, and then wash them with clean water.

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