How to eliminate the kitchen lampblack smell

how to eliminate the kitchen lampblack smell

1, keep clean: the kitchen has the most oil stains, after finishing the meal, you should wipe these oil stains in time, so as to prevent the lampblack smell from adsorbing on the kitchen utensils.

2, ventilation: often open the window, let the air more circulation.

3, green tea: put green tea and water into the pot to cook together, the aroma of green tea can achieve the effect of removing oil smoke.

4, lemon: cut the lemon into small pieces, put it into the pot to boil, put more water on, open the pot cover to boil several times, let the fresh taste of lemon replace the smell of lampblack.

5, vinegar: in the pot into the vinegar, and then heating, let the vinegar evaporate slowly, can also eliminate the fumes.

6, buy oil: when you buy oil, don’t be greedy for cheap, buy oil of poor quality. Remember to look at the shelf life of the oil, but also to see if there is sediment inside, and the whole bottle of oil is particularly clear. General good oil, from the lampblack will not be so big, there is no smell.

7, the heat should not be too big: when cooking, the heat should be slightly adjusted. When cooking on a high fire, the oil will heat up very fast and produce a lot of fumes.

8, kitchen plants: you can choose those plants with strong vitality, filial piety and can purify the air, such as Chlorophytum, green pineapple, cactus, aloe are good choices.

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