How to enjoy the cool and consume less electricity?

with the arrival of hot summer, in addition to watermelon sling ice cream, there are also air-conditioning fans. It’s the peak time of power consumption in another year. Looking at the bright sunshine outside the window, no one is willing to be exposed to it for one more minute. But at the end of a month, when I receive the electricity bill with that amount of surprise, I believe it always gives a lot of people a headache. How can I guarantee the cool and less power consumption?

How to enjoy the cool and consume less electricity?

26 ℃ is just right

some people go back to the room after exercise, the first thing is to turn on the air conditioner to 16 degrees to make the room cool and comfortable, but such a setting is not only easy to catch a cold, but also consumes a lot of electricity. If the room temperature is adjusted to 26-27 degrees, the cooling load can be reduced by more than 8%, while for the sedentary people, the room temperature at 28-29 degrees can effectively reduce the cooling load by more than 20%.

block the sun to dissipate heat

avoid direct sunlight indoors can directly reduce the loss of air conditioning. When you turn on the air conditioner, since the windows have been closed, you might as well close the curtains again to reduce direct sunlight. It takes about 5% a day to add a sunshade to the balcony, which is equivalent to adding a layer of insulation to the interior, The air outlet of the air conditioner should also be smooth to avoid large furniture blocking heat dissipation.

shut down in advance for frequent cleaning

turn off the air conditioner about 10 minutes before leaving home, which not only reduces the use time, but also does not significantly increase the indoor temperature within a certain period of time. The filter screen of the air conditioner needs to be checked and cleaned regularly, so as not to affect the air outlet of electrical appliances, resulting in the increase of power consumption, It can also save electricity effectively.

air conditioner is a necessary household appliance in hot summer. Although it consumes a lot of power, the correct use can also help us reduce the cost effectively and avoid the summer heat efficiently.

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