How to extend the service life of a vacuum cleaner

if you want to extend the service life of a vacuum cleaner, you must use the vacuum cleaner correctly and learn how to maintain it after use. That can extend the service life of the vacuum cleaner, take a good look at the following methods:

1, before use, check whether the dust bag is clean, if necessary, should be cleaned before use.

2. The continuous use time should not exceed 2 hours each time to avoid overheating and burning of the motor.

3. For vacuum cleaners with dust indicator, do not work after the dust is in full gear. If it is found that the dust is close to full gear, stop the machine immediately to clean the dust.

4. Keep away from water pump, radiation source and stove when using.

5. When using, pay attention to the insulation protection layer of the protective wire to prevent damage caused by long-term dragging on the ground.

6. First remove the large dirt in the place to be cleaned by the vacuum cleaner to prevent sharp objects from entering the vacuum cleaner and damaging the motor.

7. It is strictly forbidden to put hands or feet under the suction mouth to avoid danger.

8. The vacuum cleaner should not be used to collect metal debris or burning cigarette ends to prevent damage to the motor and dust bag.

9. The vacuum cleaner should not absorb muddy water or other liquids to prevent electric leakage and damage to the motor.

when using the vacuum cleaner, you should also pay attention to the following maintenance methods:

1. After using the vacuum cleaner, wipe the vacuum cleaner and accessories with a wet cloth, and then dry them naturally in the air. The dirt in the dust bag should be removed in time. If it is not used for the time being, the dust bag should be washed with warm water, and then dried naturally in the sun. Remove the hair and thread scraps from the brush floor.

2. Always check the abrasion of the brush. If it is found that the abrasion is serious, replace it with a new one.

3. The fastening parts should be checked frequently. If they are loose, they should be fastened at any time.

4. The brush on the motor of the vacuum cleaner is easy to wear, so it should be repaired and replaced.

5. The bearing of motor should be lubricated regularly.

6. Do not put the vacuum cleaner in humid and corrosive places.

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