How to get a good sleep

many reasons can lead to poor sleep quality and insomnia. Drinking coffee and tea at night is one of them. Recently, the United States & lt; Health and human research; According to an article published on the website, people with poor sleep also eat the following foods at night; Falling into the well & quot;. Let’s have a look at it.

Citrus fruits

acidic fruits such as citrus can cause heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux. The time of eating fruit in a day is also very particular. From morning to night, the sweetness and acidity of fruit intake had the best trend to gradually decrease, and citrus fruit was the best to eat in the morning. Fruits suitable for the evening include: fig, grape, apple, kiwi and papaya.


broccoli is a kind of cruciferous vegetable with rich nutrition and anticancer effect. However, broccoli also contains a lot of fiber, it takes a long time to digest, and it is easy to produce gas. Eat broccoli, cabbage, purple cabbage, cauliflower and other food before going to bed, also easy to sleep.


celery, cucumber, cabbage and other foods contain a lot of water. Eating too much before going to bed will lead to increased nocturia and disturb sleep.

Red meat

meat (especially red meat) contains a lot of protein and fat, which not only takes a long time to digest, but also makes people keep awake. You can eat less chicken and other white meat for dinner, but don’t eat meat before going to bed, otherwise it is easier to cause indigestion or stomach spasm after lying down.

spicy food

spicy food can cause stomach discomfort and heartburn. Studies have shown that eating spicy food before going to bed is more likely to have nightmares, wake up more times and disturb normal sleep.


desserts are easy to lead to high blood sugar, making people more alert and energetic. However, bedtime sweets can easily lead to insomnia, especially chocolate. Chocolate contains not only caffeine and sugar, but also theobromine, a stimulant that can increase heart rate, which makes it difficult to fall asleep. Fast food and greasy snacks are becoming more and more popular. However, sleep is not good. How to get a good sleep? Don’t worry too much about the amount of sleep. The demand for sleep varies from person to person, and people of different ages are also different. The younger the age is, the more sleep is needed. With the growth of age, sleep will gradually decrease. A person does not have to sleep 8 or 7 hours a day. A reasonable amount of sleep should be able to relieve fatigue, maintain a happy spirit, and carry out a good day’s work and study. 2. Pay attention to eating habits. Don’t eat too much dinner, or sleep on an empty stomach, both of which will affect people’s sleep. Eating some dairy products or drinking a glass of milk before going to bed can help you sleep. Avoid drinking a lot of alcoholic beverages before going to bed, including beer and other alcohol, although they can promote people to sleep, but will affect the quality of sleep. In addition, caffeinated beverages, such as coffee, tea, cola and chocolate, should not be drunk before going to bed because they can excite people’s brain nerves. 3. Relax yourself. Before going to bed should avoid engaging in stimulating work and entertainment, do not engage in excessive mental activity. Doing some relaxing activities, such as taking a hot bath and listening to soft and lyrical music, is undoubtedly good for people to fall asleep as soon as possible.

four, let the bed only play the function of sleep. Don’t let bed be your study and work place. Lying in bed reading, reading newspapers, or talking about exciting topics will weaken the direct connection between bed and sleep. A good sleeper is often & lt; You can fall asleep with your head on the pillow;, This is because he only let the bed play a single sleep function for a long time, so that the conditioned reflex formed. 5. Create a good sleeping environment. The effect of environment on sleep is obvious. Sleep area light to dark, the bedroom application of thick curtains or blinds to isolate outdoor light; If the noise outside is loud, close the doors and windows when you sleep. In addition, comfortable and reasonable bed utensils are also good for improving the quality of sleep. Choose pillows that are highly in line with human science, mattresses that are soft and hard, sheets and quilts that will not produce uncomfortable bedding and will not affect sleep due to various discomfort.

6. Use proper sleeping position. People’s heart position left, therefore, healthy people sleep best not to use the left side; When sleeping on your back, don’t put your hands on your chest, which can avoid nightmares caused by heart pressure; Lateral sleep to prevent pillow compression costal gland cause salivation. For a healthy person, the best position for sleep should be right side position or supine position, which will not oppress the heart, but also benefit the relaxation and rest of limbs. But for patients, the best position for sleep depends on the patient’s condition and type of disease.

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