How to get corn kernels quickly? Tips for staying at home

How to get corn kernels quickly? Home Tips:

Home Tips:

1 quickly soak the fans and make them taste better.

2. Remove the beany smell of tofu

. Cut tofu into pieces and soak it in light salt water for 3-5 minutes to remove the beany smell of tofu.

3. Keep the lemon fresh after eating

. Cut the lemon into pieces and put it in the fresh-keeping box. Sprinkle with honey, cover the safety box and put it in the refrigerator. Get up in the morning can take two pieces of honey lemon, wash with warm water, became a cup of lemon honey water. This is how to preserve lemons by salting.

4, remove the slime from the eel

, mix the white vinegar and flour into a paste, put the cut eel in, fully stir for 2 minutes, and then rinse with water to remove the slime.

5, take corn kernels quickly

use the inclined end of fork or chopsticks, along the corn grain, push up from the corn root, you can easily take down the corn kernels.

6, banana skin care shoes

(1) clean the inside of banana skin. Banana skin is rich in tannin, which can be used to polish shoes and make the vamp more smooth.

(2) immediately wipe the shoes again with clean dry cloth, and the shoes will become super shiny.

7, prevent the lotus root oxidation black

, soak the cut lotus root in water with white vinegar.

8, remove the fishy smell of Houttuynia cordata

, boil a pot of boiling water, and then add an appropriate amount of white vinegar and a spoonful of salt. After the water rolls for a while, put Houttuynia cordata, and immediately catch fire. Let the Houttuynia cordata scald in boiling water for two minutes. Put it into ice water immediately after it is fished out, and you can easily remove the fishy smell.

9, remove the gum from the clothes

, put the clothes in the refrigerator and freeze them for two hours, then take them out, and the gum can be removed from the clothes.

10, remove the peculiar smell in the cup

pour milk, lemon juice or ginger water into the cup, soak it for two hours, and then clean it.

11, yogurt to the back of the hand to the dead skin

will be painted on the back of the hand yogurt, hand rub can easily to the dead skin, if you add some salt and olive oil to the yogurt, the effect will be better.

12, extend the flowering period of flowers

, drop 2-3 drops of white vinegar or bleach in water, and cut the flower branch obliquely, then insert it into water.

13. Remove the fog from the bathroom mirror

. Wipe the bathroom mirror or glass with washing water to prevent the mirror from fogging and covering with water vapor.

14, remove the smell of kitchen sink

, make a basin of thick brine with boiling water, and slowly pour it into the pool. In this way, the dirt on the inner wall of the water pipe can be washed away, and the peculiar smell can be effectively removed.

15, quick cleaning shutters

when cleaning the shutters, you can wear nylon gloves, clip the blades of the shutters in the gap between your fingers, and then you can clean the four shutters once you sweep them from one side.

16. Remove toilet stains

. Spread toilet paper on the dirty part of the toilet, spray cleaning agent, and flush it with water in 2 minutes, and the toilet will be clean.

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