How to get greasy after the festival?

How to get greasy after the festival?

how to get greasy after the festival?

huchihaisai inflamed, eat fresh fruits and vegetables

many friends came back after the new year, all complained about their tongue sores, bleeding gums, mouth blisters & hellip& hellip; In the body & lt; Fire & gas; It’s true that if there’s such a phenomenon & lt; Get angry & quot; I will reflect on my diet, find out the reason and adjust it in time. Because of the lack of water, I feel & lt; Fire & quot;, I will replenish water in time; Because the festival to eat a variety of hot food, such as hot pot, hot soup, etc., coupled with the stimulation of wine, it is easy to pharyngeal mucosa congestion, foreign body feeling when swallowing, at this time should avoid too hot food, wait for warm re entrance, wine had better stop first; Melon seeds, dried fruits and other snacks are dry and salty, which may not only scratch the oral mucosa, but also cause inflammation. When I eat such foods, I will choose the original flavor and control the amount of each time; When I eat more fish and meat, I often eat less fruits and vegetables, which can also cause bleeding of gums and mucous membranes. Therefore, I will add more fresh fruits after the festival; In addition, some meats are easy to be stuffed, and the high sugar residues of fruits are easy to cause bacteria and inflammation. I will pay attention to gargling after meals, brushing and flossing every day; Spicy food, fried food to eat too much lead to fire, usually from acne, diarrhea, anal burning, etc., after the festival to adjust to light diet.

I’ve eaten too much greasy food. I’m afraid to have a big meal with a bowl of coarse cereals porridge

. My intestines and stomach are delicate and I have limited tolerance to all kinds of high protein and greasy food. After eating a few prawns at a meal, I feel very sick in my stomach. For most people, it’s hard to control the variety and quantity of food during the holidays. They eat a lot of high protein, high fat and high salt food. After entertainment, they have a snack. The already exhausted digestive system has to continue to work until after midnight. It’s really an unbearable burden. For a week in a row, no matter how good the appetite is, people will lose appetite and feel sick. For this problem, my general practice is to restore light diet in time. Instead of white rice, steamed bread and meat dumplings, the staple food was changed into oatmeal Xiaohe porridge, oatmeal pumpkin rice porridge or Babao porridge, with steamed corn and sweet potato, sesame pancake or dough cake. For me, all kinds of cereal porridge is my eternal favorite. The dishes will also return to their original state, with only one main course of each meal being fish, meat, meat, eggs or bean products, and other vegetables. There are no more than two fried dishes, and the others are cooked and stewed. In terms of food calories, we also strive to reduce them. When my stomach and intestines are tired, I only drink two small bowls of eight treasure porridge instead of eating flour cakes. Or have a bowl of oatmeal gruel with a small piece of sweet potato. Compared with eating a bowl of rice, the amount of staple food per meal is reduced by at least 1 / 3, and the stomach is more comfortable.

more can’t eat to get fat, three meal adjustment time

all say & quot; Every Spring Festival, I gain three catties;, Drink enough, eat beautiful, and always sedentary, can not gain weight? During the festival, it is not only common to overeat, but also difficult to eat on time. The eating habits are completely disrupted. After the festival, I usually adjust the time of three meals. I eat every meal regularly. The amount of three meals is 3:4:3. If you are hungry in the middle, you will have more meals at 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., which can not only relieve hunger, but also avoid eating too much; I also try to reduce the opportunity to eat out and cook at home; At the same time, we should give up new year’s goods such as potato chips, popcorn and candy, and replace them with fresh fruits; After the festival, I will replace the staple food with coarse grains such as corn and oats, and potatoes such as yam and sweet potato, which are rich in dietary fiber and can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis. In addition, too many sweet drinks will make people fat. I will choose plain water or light tea. Moreover, it is suitable to drink black tea and Pu’er in late winter and early spring.

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